CityPoint (on hiatus)

CityPoint (on hiatus)
CITYPOINT no Moor(gate).

After five months of bringing flavour and flair to CityPoint every Friday, our time is up.

Having lost the battle against the bars who occupy the CityPoint piazza every summer, the KERB crew move on to pastures new - kicking off a Friday residency at the Gherkin as of the 17th of May!

We want to thank CityPoint for the opportunity to showcase what KERB has to offer for the last 5 months. Our only regret is that due to very short notice, we were unable to give you all a proper KERB-style blowout of a goodbye. We want to thank all who came out in rain, wind, snow and - infrequently - sun for a taste of what we have to offer. It has been great to see the level of appetites on the piazza - really impressive.

If you have an idea for a new space in central London that'd benefit from some KERB life, send us a Tweet or an email to and we will jump on it.


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