• Before I went to see Petra I was unsure, sceptical and terrified about my new venture. After leaving the consultation everything fell into place and I had a game plan. Petra not only gave me the info I needed but also made suggestions and nspired me to just go for it... One of the best investments I made for my business.

    Spyros Blentzas,
    The Grilling Greek

  • As someone who’s never owned a business or cooked outside of my home kitchen, I knew I needed to speak to someone before leaping into the street food scene. I decided to get in contact with Petra for some advice as her experience in the industry is surely unparalleled. It was well worth it. She told me what I wanted to hear and what I didn’t want to hear about the good and bad parts of the industry; terrifying and reassuring.
    She broke down my ideas, found the weaknesses, and I walked away from the consultation with a completely new direction to head in, beaming from ear to ear.

    Matt Harris,
    BBQ Lab

  • Petra has given me an insight into the street food world which can only be gained by years of experience, and therefore has been a way for me to fast track a lot of trial and error.
    Importantly, Petra advised me on realistic goals and has made them achievable by marking out the vital next steps.

    Natasha Perkins,


KERB founder, Petra Barran offers consultancy
to those looking to gain a broader and deeper knowledge
of the ins and outs of the street food industry.

Some people may prefer the more casual approach to seeking advice – and for this we encourage talking to as many traders as you can for on the ground insight. A lot of traders are very generous with the juicy nuggets they’ve picked up along the way (though catch them when they’re not busy – more chance of success).

For gaining more focused and strategic advice that is tailored to your particular area of need/interest have a read of the below.


Petra holds one-to-one sessions that help to de-mystify and zoom in on all the info you need to get started and in the know – they save time, cut out the white noise and head with precision to the heart of what you will specifically need to be able to become part of the kerb life.

Sessions are 2-hours minimum.


For companies wanting to connect with the kerb life and street food culture in the most effective way, best to head straight to the hub of it for the most relevant advice and observations.


There is so much to say about the culture of selling food on the streets. It's about eating and enjoyment, but it also brings into question so many areas of urban life that provide insight to wider subjects.

For more information email petra@kerbfood.com