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Great news, KERB fans - The City of London Corporation has granted The Gherkin planning permission for our weekly market to start up again!

After a six month hiatus which left countless City workers bereft of their weekly dose of independent, flavour-packed lunches, the drought is finally over.

Thanks very much to The Gherkin management for supporting and endorsing KERB at The Gherkin to The Corporation - and to The Corporation for recognising the value that KERB brings to The City every week and enabling us to come back.

Finally, a huge thank you goes out to all who signed up to our petition and supported us throughout the campaign - particularly those who went above and beyond to contact the ward councillors to speed up the process of our return. It meant a hell of a lot to be missed and we're delighted to be back in charge of your Thursday lunches once more.

Thursday in The City just got its swerve back!


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Thursday 28th August 2014

    • Capish?

      The best Italo-American sandwiches going, understood?

    • Crabbieshack

      Folkestone lad brings them from the seashore

    • Falafel Al-Hooriya

      Falafel with a story to tell

    • Kimchinary

      Technicolour tacos and game-changing burritos

    • Mother Flipper

      No patty left unturned to execute one of the best burger offerings around

    • rōla wala

      On a mission to put spice at the fore of your lunch life. They roll good too.

    • Tongue 'N Cheek

      Breaking hearts all over London with That burger.

    • Born & Raised (inKERBating)

      Wood-fired pizza out the side of a Land Rover - what could be better?

    • Falafel Al-Hooriya

      Falafel with a story to tell

    • Jamon Jamon

      One of the O.Gs in the trader camp and with the biggest pans on campus

    • Kothu Kothu (inKERBating)

      Chop chop! This spice box is ready for its close-up

    • Mama Wang's

      Slappetty-slap go the noodles as they hit the board. Best noise ever and that's before you even taste them - heaven.

    • Mother Flipper

      No patty left unturned to execute one of the best burger offerings around

    • Yu Kyu

      London's first Tonkatsu van

    • Baba G's

      The spiced meat maverick with a tandoor in his trunk

    • BBQ Lab

      Taking BBQ to the next level in a sous-vide ambulance

    • Cast Iron Kitchen (inKERBating)

      Scotch sarnies and black puddin' rolls

    • Fundi Pizza

      This sibling-run dough outfit is well pro

    • Luardos

      The original burrito boy - still keeping it wrapped like a mummy

    • What The Dickens!

      What the Dickens! are our BOYS! Taking it back to the proper food - no ponce.

    • Yum Bun

      The original bun girl - don't mess.