TIME: 12pm-2pm
WHO: 8 traders
WHEN: Thursdays

Our ever popular Thursday lunch market brings KERB right into the heart of the City.

The combination of KERB nestled up to the iconic Gherkin + thousands of hungry office workers is a winner. If you haven't been yet then come on over and tuck in.

The Gherkin Food Market


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Thursday 28th July 2016

    • Aphrodite's

      Bringing you lashings of love from the Mediterranean East.

    • Fatties Bakery

      Spinning the caramel game into a hot, delicious mess.

    • Hanoi Kitchen

      Salads and summer rolls transporting you to the streets of Hanoi

    • Kolkati

      Bringing hot Kolkatan masala to the masses. Let the Kati Roll revolution begin.

    • Mother Flipper

      No patty left unturned to execute one of the best burger offerings around

    • PokÄ“

      Say aloha to the sushi new school

    • The Grilling Greek

      Smells like holidays whenever you pass by that truck...

    • Tongue 'N Cheek

      Breaking hearts all over London with That burger.

    • Hank's

      There's a reason that their crawfish balls are called crack balls, and these guys deal them hot and heavy

    • South East Cakery

      Brownies, beats and life