The interest in street food as an industry has become huge:

  • How to get into it
  • How to stand out from the ever-growing crowd
  • Why it has become so popular
  • Where it is going

KERB began in 2012 but the team has been a part of this industry since 2008, our experience of how it works, why it works and what works is deep and varied. The consultation service taps into this knowledge in order to provide an express trip to understanding this niche world. For focused and strategic advice that is tailored to your particular area of need/interest have a read of the below.


We hold one-to-ones that help to de-mystify and zoom in on what you need to get started. The session will save you time, cut out the white noise and head to the heart of what you need to know and do to make it on the kerb.

(Sessions are 2 hours and take place in central London)


For companies wanting to understand the street food industry and culture beyond just eating from it, head straight to the hub of it for the most relevant advice and insight.


There is so much to say about the culture of selling food on the streets. It's about eating and enjoyment, but it also brings into question so many areas of urban life - from DIY culture to new localisms, food-driven regeneration to mobile economies. It's about food and business, but it's also about community, independence and the quest for meaning in a rapidly changing world.