Meet Felix. One of our nine newly hatched inKERBators. You’ll catch him knocking out freshly panned shenjian bao on the boulevard, every Thursday lunch time, and if you haven’t tried them yet get down there.

Here’s his story:

Originally from Hong Kong, Felix grew up in Cornwall and moved back to Hong Kong to study finance. It was during this time, cycling through the Chinese street food vendors, small family owned hole-in-the-walls, and high-end restaurants, that the true sights, smells and flavours of the food industry hit him. After two years of working in finance, he threw it in for an apprenticeship at a local wonton shop. And, pushed by his raw love of dim sum, hustled his way right up bottom to top: from steaming to cheung fun to wrapping to frying, he then moved to London for professional training, worked in Chinatown, Yauatcha and Hakkassan, returned to Hong Kong for even more research – then back to London to start up his own thing. Dedication.

October 2016: Sheng High was born.

Felix trades at KERBKX every Thursday lunch, (menu here); AND has a monthly pop up launching today at Froth & Rind! Doing wonton soup.

Trivia: Felix loves karaoke and once even entered the Chinese XFactor. Who’d have known.