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KERB has gone inside. We’ve parked up, put away our grills and shuttered Seven Dials Market whilst the coronavirus takes hold. But whilst everything is quiet outside, the inner hive is busy as ever – figuring out how to come through this crisis.

Hosted by KERB founder Petra Barran, in conversation with some of the greatest forces in our community, KERB on the Inside is a weekly dose of the defiant, surprising and often bumpy ways that entrepreneurship, street spirit and the hospitality industry itself is finding to survive, regroup and flourish once more.

Episode : E8

Jollof, tokenism and representation (with Tieyan Eweka-Olorunfemi & Samuel Olorunfemi)

We have always liked to think of KERB as a space for democratic cooking and democratic eating. A glorious representation of London and its many cultures. But are we really? In our efforts at building greater awareness and change around racial equity, inside and outside our company, I want to talk to some of the black business owners in the KERB community about how inclusive it is... Read more...

Episode : E7

Racism and the London food industry (with Melissa Thompson)

America’s on fire, and so are our social media feeds. The centuries old pandemic of state violence on black bodies in the US, flared up again via the death of George Floyd and the other pandemic, is forcing many of us to rethink how racism operates. Not just in America, but here on British soil and within the multi-cultural-seeming walls of our own industry. Read more...

Episode : E5

Inside the Truffle burger kit (with Tom Bickers)

Truffle’s Tom Bickers was left with a load of excess stock when we had to close Seven Dials Market. Through packing it up and sending our team home with it, he created the prototype for a burger kit that would save his business. We talk to him about this whole new way of feeding his customers. To see what KERB and our traders are getting up to on the inside, head to our Keep the Wheels Turning Campaign. Hosted by KERB founder Petra Barran, with audio production from KERB stalwart Robin Leeburn of Fairly Media and music ℅ pioneer of the UK grime scene, Tottenham’s very own Meridian Dan Read more...

Episode : E3

Feeding the NHS, being the change (with Meriel Armitage)

Here in Episode 3 I pick up with long time KERBanist, Meriel Armitage of Club Mexicana to hear how hospitality, and entrepreneurship have come together to get frontline NHS workers fed, whilst also keeping the wolf from the door for street food traders with no trade. It’s a study in ground-up changemaking that brings kindred spirits together over a common cause and pressing need. Read more...



A sonic feast bringing together all the talent and hard work that goes into making the London street food scene about so much more than just a bit of meat in a bun. The KERB Life podcast series tells the tale of entrepreneurialism, finding meaning in a rapidly changing London and food as the most incredible axis around which so many cultures and ideas are formed. DIG IN.