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Capish? Capish? Capish? Capish? Capish?
The best Italo-American sandwiches going, understood?
KERB, 2013

Why we love them

Rachel is a trooper as she dedicates her every waking hour to getting the message across about Capish? Whether on the street or in her pub residency it's the balls that do the talking. We first heard about them from other traders - about how their meatballs are all that, about the Calabrian grandmother and the mozarella farm visits - and so were, of course, intrigued. It only took one visit one freezing day in Shoreditch to know that these were special ones - and anyone who has eaten Italian food in New York will know what we mean when we say that they just nail that flavour like no one else we have come across.

What they serve

Our menu changes slightly from time to time but this is what we’re serving up at the moment:
Dry aged, rare-breed denver cut beef steak, stuffed with garlic, parsley, pecorino cheese and chili, then slow braised in an onion and bone marrow sauce. Served on a glazed buttermilk roll with taleggio cheese and home-pickled red onions.
Meatball Hero
Handrolled meatballs, slow braised in our homemade marinara sauce.  Served in a 9" buttermilk hero roll with polenta crumb and topped with our oozy provolone cheese sauce.  Homemade jalapeno sauce if you want it.
Sloppy Joe
The American school dinner classic…with a twist. Dry aged beef mince combined with pulled beef shin, served on a sesame seeded brioche roll with provolone cheese sauce and pickles (add a fried egg if you're feeling particularly sloppy).
No Joe
Vegetarian Sloppy Joe. Roasted eggplant, smashed Italian beans and chipotle marinara sauce. Served on a buttermilk roll with provolone cheese sauce and homemade pickles.
Mini slider versions of all our sandwiches.  

In their own words

We want to bring you a little piece of (little) Italy, right here in London.  We make meatballs your nonna would have made, sloppy joes that you're happy to wear down your front, plus the best braciole this side of NYC.  Sometimes it ain't pretty, but it sure is tasty, capish?


- Rachel Jones

Why the kerb life

Because it's given me the opportunity to do something I love, every day.  

Fave Kerbster

There are literally so many, one for every day on the KERB.  Current favourites are Bao's Gua Bao, Rola Wala's Beetroot Paneer Naan, I just can't resist the sweet smell of What The Dickens Kedgeree cooking up on a morning and there's nothing better than pulling up a seat at Donostia Social Club's beautiful van for some of Paul's delicious Pinxtos.