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Dairy-free, vegetarian

Anna Mae's

Anna Mae's Anna Mae's Anna Mae's Anna Mae's Anna Mae's
Southern-roamers, backyard hangers, big pan cookers
KERB, 2015

Why we love them

They've been in the business since 2011 and have honed their offer as a bona fide business. These two don't play - they have found what works and have got themselves to where people want it the most. Great big pans of oozing cheesy tubes, scattered with toppings and served with just enough kitsch to perk up your day. Pros.

What they serve

Mac N Cheese with Toppings, including:
The Annie Mac
Our classic elbow macaroni in a 3 cheese sauce
The Don Macaroni
Mac with crispy bacon, basil oil and fresh basil
The Spicy Juan
Mac with chipotle pepper, jalapeños, coriander, sour cream
The Kanye Western
Mac with beef hot dogs, house made BBQ sauce, crispy onions
Plus changing specials such as the Big Mac(NCheese) and Machos.

In their own words

Anna Mae’s is the original purveyors of Pimped Up Mac N Cheese, bringing our own unique take on an American Classic. Out in the States we learnt one thing - Cheesus Loves You. We’re spreading the word by mixing up mac n cheese made fresh on the streets, downhome comfort food served with southern soul and street style from our Big Gold Mac Truck Burt Reynolds. ES Magazine call it ‘Legendary’ - just sayin’...

– Anna Clark & Tony Soloman

Why the kerb life

Because Anna hates the tube, Tony loves a list and we both want to be part of something extraordinary.

Fave Kerbster

Love a bit of Bill AND Beak