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Baba G's

Baba G's Baba G's Baba G's Baba G's Baba G's Baba G's Baba G's
The spiced meat maverick with a tandoor in his trunk
KERB, 2015

Why we love them

Oh, Alec - what a guy. People like him are what gives this industry its swerve and that food is seasoned like he means it. And when others are collapsed after 12 hours on their feet in the heat, he's there setting up again to serve the late night crowd, or driving 80 miles home to get meat to make more burgers. He rolls with the punches and can always be relied on to be the last man standing, wrapping up those juicy, spicy Crazy Lamb Jalfrezis and chuckling along with the best of them. 

What they serve

Royal Raj Rump.
Madras marinated prime lamb rump, served on a warmed tortilla on a bed of deliciously spiced cabbage and peas with a yoghurt mint and cumin riata, zingy tomato onion coriander & tamarind salsa, finished with a fresh mango pulp. ( authentic Indian chilli pickle optional).
Crazy Lamb Jalfrezi burger
Spiced lamb jalfrezi pattie served in a fennel and onion seed bap with  zingy tomato onion and coriander salsa with refreshing yogurt mint and cumin riata, mango chutney & spiced with authentic Indian chilli pickle ( optional).
Mighty Masala Fish
Masala marinated coley fish (sustainable), served on a warmed tortilla with a zingy tomato coriander and onion salsa with yoghurt mint and cumin finished with a tangy gherkin and tamarind dressing.
Chana Masala Wrap
Chickpea spinach and coconut veggie burger with smoked aubergine, served on a warm tortilla, on yoghurt mint and cumin with a zingy tomato coriander and onion salsa, finished with a fresh mango pulp.( spicy Indian Chilli pickle optional)
Onion Bhaji’s
Bhangra Burger has developed a beautiful lightly spiced batter which we fry our onions in to create a lovely onion bhaji these are a great accompaniment served as a side dish to the wraps, or on their own.
Baba Box
This is the combo box created as a deal for the wrap and the bhaji to be served together as a meal deal at a slightly lower price.

In their own words

Baba G's Takes indian influences and fuses them with classic british foods.

When you try a dish with the Baba G touch you will get spice aroma colour and most of all vibrant flavours and taste combinations that you would never expect

– Alec Owen

Why the kerb life

It’s all's I ever knows how to do’s MAAAAM

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