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Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Vegan, Vegetarian

Dosa Deli

Dosa Deli Dosa Deli Dosa Deli Dosa Deli Dosa Deli
the dosa deli mantra: go to India, try everything, bring back the best
KERB, 2015

Why we love them

Dosa Deli have one of the prettiest stalls on the whole of the KERB (thanks to Kristian, the carpenter's carpenter) and their food doesn't pull any punches either. Widely known as a "traders' favourite", which is a badge of honour because the traders have eaten everything and keep on coming back to those soothing flavours and healthy textures.



What they serve

Standard Menu:
Dosa Wraps (an 11 inch crispy dosa made from rice and lentils – vegetarian & gluten free):
Chilli Cheese Dosa Wrap
A stuffed dosa with a spiced paneer cheese, tomato & roasted channa dhal chutney, fresh red onions and tamarind apple and date chutney
Mysore Masala Dosa Wrap (vegan)
A stuffed dosa with potato masala, garlic peanut and chilli crumble, and fresh red onions
Both Served with a coconut chutney and a side of Bombay bhel salad (a crunchy puffed rice, cucumber, onion and tamarind sauce salad)
Special items for special occasions:
- Spiced Baby Aubergine Dosa
- Veg Keema Dosa
- Dosa Tacos (a gluten free spongy dosa, eaten like a taco) / or half a dosa served with a side
- Pani Puri
- Vadas
- Bhel Puri
- Onion Bhajis
- Masala chai (Indian spiced tea)

In their own words

We are Dosa Deli, a street food & private catering company. We take inspiration from Asia in the dosa dishes we produce.
We are creating new and exciting dishes, experimenting with flavours from the countries we have travelled to.
Our vegetarian food is healthy, affordable, and home-made; showing you that you don’t always need meat. We are a street food duo dedicated to producing exciting, innovative and seasonal vegetarian dishes.
We are not vegetarian ourselves or intend to persuade anyone to become vegetarian; but we are passionate about good animal husbandry and healthy eating.


Dosa Deli’s aim is to show you how we can eat more vegetables, and less meat while still keeping flavours fresh and tasty.– Amy Philip-Price & Kristian Philip-Price

Why the kerb life

Having worked 9-5 in organising food events, we wanted to change our lives, push personal boundaries, working harder but smarter. We love the community, having made some really good friends in the business, we enjoy sharing knowledge with fellow traders and working together to build an industry.


Festivals are in our DNA, and have been going to Glastonbury as punters for a long time, it holds a special place in our hearts, in 2014 we took Dosa Deli to Glastonbury, street food allows us to achieve our dreams. Working in street food also allows us to take time off in the Winter and travel to places like India, working 9-5 doesn't allow that!

Fave Kerbster

We have a few:
The biggest respect to Luardos, Anna MaesBell & Brisket, Jamon Jamon, Spit & Roast, You Doughnut... to name a few. 
Currently loving 'The Beak' from Bill or Beak