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Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Vegan, Vegetarian

Horn OK Please

Horn OK Please Horn OK Please Horn OK Please Horn OK Please Horn OK Please
Mixing together comfort, colour and spice
KERB, 2015

Why we love them

First of all, Gaurav is one of the most adorable people we've ever met. The guy is perky! Just a really great, buoyant guy who is head over heels for the kerb life. Of course his partner, Sandhya, is vital to the Horn OK medley and it is so good to see two friends getting so stuck in to it all. Their stall is a taste of that medley and offers a multitude of different textures, colours, layers of spice, all carefully gathered together - foraged from atop their heaving table - to produce a box groaning with Indian niceness.

What they serve

Four of our key dishes
Moong Dal Dosa
This is gluten free lentil and rice 'crepe' filled with our special recipe masala potato and served with home made chutneys and chickpeas (channa chaat) all topped with crunch chickpea noodles (sev) and pomegranate
Bhel Puri
Our signature dish that is a explosive combination of flavours and textures. Mixture of puffed rice, sev, home made chutneys and tomato, coriander, potato, pomegranate
Samosa Chaat
A layered treat in anyones books. A large vegetable samosa topped with channa chaat with all the spiciness, textures and flavours HOP is known for.
Egg Kati Roll
A Desi (Indian) Omelette wrapped into a fluffy parata with our mint and coriander chutney 


In their own words

The concept of Horn Ok Please is to serve authentic flavours of Indian street food. Rather than being regional specific we provide a wide range of items from throughout the country. Always street food, Always vegetarian and Always freshly made.

– Sandhya Aiyar and Gaurav Gautam

Why the kerb life

Buzz and Challenge!!! Who doesn’t want a buzzing life and who doesn’t like some challenges thrown on their way? Buzzing summer and challenging winters keeps us in the street food business. on top of that, feeding hungry customers and watching their face glow with satisfaction and joy, this is a feeling you are not going to get in 9-5 office job.
Honk Honk Horn OK Please is for Streets!

Fave Kerbster

Anything from Hank's and recently discovered MyPie