We Can Cater For:

Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Halal

Jamon Jamon

Jamon Jamon Jamon Jamon Jamon Jamon Jamon Jamon Jamon Jamon
One of the O.Gs in the trader camp and with the biggest pans on campus
KERB, 2015

Why we love them

Clanging paella pans since 2004, we'd all be a bit lost without Nick around. Matey gets the job DONE! While most of us are analysing whether something is right for us or not, he has the van loaded and the job in the bag. Plus he's generous with it, always finding time between his many jobs and pitches to impart that great, straight-talking, trader wisdom to anyone he can see is giving it a go. Just as Nick's support has formed part of the backbone of the creation of KERB, his legendary soccarat has formed the backbone of his people-pleasing paella. Anda!

What they serve

Paella Valenciana
Traditional Valencian paella with chicken drums and thighs, runner beans and butter beans, topped with rosemary and cooked to a perfect rice crust 
Seafood Paella
Shell-on tiger prawns, squid, NZ green lip mussels, Irish rock mussels and clams. Cooked with a base of roast red pepper and onions for extra flavour
Vegetarian Paella
11 different seasonal vegetables, thinly sliced and slow-fried to bring out the natural sweetness, with a gluten-free vegetable stock.

In their own words

We make delicious, traditional Spanish paella from scratch in front of everyone. No tricks, nothing hidden, just great honest cooking entertainment. We love what we do and we love people, and we don't take life too seriously. Eating and smiling, it's a great combination!

– Nick Friedman

Why the kerb life

It seemed like a good idea at the time (2004)! I love the streets, you get all of life thrown at you in one day, it makes me feel properly alive and I get a huge rush from it. And a great sense of satisfaction at a good, hard day's work done. And I love the banter; I like to find the line and cross it as quickly as possible, so the streets are a great place for me!

Fave Kerbster

Bill or Beak; the vietnamese duck burger. It's mind-blowing. My mom ate it, and she's vegetarian