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Dairy-free, Vegan, Vegetarian

Trader Tweets


  • Smile! It's sunny, bright and blue and we are selling our new autumn box at @KERB_ today ✌🌈🙏🍁🍃🌿 london feels so good on days like this

    8th Oct 2015

  • We are so excited for the @KERB_ birthday party on Friday!!!! Who's coming? 🙌🌈🙈🍁💖

    6th Oct 2015

  • so excited for @classiccarboot this weekend ✌ come down and check out our new combo box in the sunshine. yes, there's beet hummus

    2nd Oct 2015


Rainbo Rainbo Rainbo Rainbo Rainbo
KERB, 2015

Why we love them

The van! That 1948 Ford Pick-Up is totally twisting our melons. Have you heard it roar? Boy! This thing is a beast! Yet the couple running it - Xochi & Ben - couldn't be more sweet and soft and un-beast-like. You need that gentle touch for those delicate dumplings with the tang in their tails. Always glad to see this vehicle roll up.

What they serve

pork and ginger; chicken and coriander; tofu, scallion and shitake (v)
Freedom Box
6 gyoza, crunchy Asian slaw with caramelised chilli peanuts and edamame with sea salt
Fresh miso soup with wakame
Organic sparkling drinks

In their own words

We believe in light, colourful and healthy street food that fills you up while doing you good. Our hot and steamy homemade gyoza are combine both classic and innovative flavour combinations and have built up a devoted dumpling following, while our signature rainbow slaw, with crunchy vibrant veggies and  tangy citrus dressing, is their perfect healthy partner - all cooked with love and passion by the Rainbo family in our iconic 1948 Ford pickup.
We also passionately believe in social entrepreneurship and giving back to a higher cause through our business, and we donate 20p from every meal we sell to our Food for Freedom initiative, helping rescue and rehabilitate child labourers in Western Nepal. 

Why the kerb life

Office life and the nine to five have never been for us. Street food offers such a vibrant, adventurous and varied way of life and it enables us to give the people around something that we believe in, hand to hand, in the first person, every day. Each market and event brings new friends, ideas and perspectives and the sociability of the job is really important to us. Running our own food business also allows us to connect with and collaborate with whoever inspires us and this openness and potential is always unbelievably exciting and rewarding.

Fave Kerbster

Ben: the Bleecker Burger
Xochi: anything by Sorbitium