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Dairy-free, Halal

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Spit & Roast

Spit & Roast Spit & Roast Spit & Roast Spit & Roast Spit & Roast Spit & Roast
Fried chicken. Sometimes poutine. Always good.
KERB, 2013

Why we love them

Ex-head chef and owner of the ever-popular Medcalf on Exmouth Market decided they wanted to have a bit more interaction with their punters. Off they go to buy a stainless steel catering van and fit it out with some spits and fryers; Justin digs out his Arkansas roots from a stint in the Natural State at age 12, and he and partner Ross are soon churning out some of the most eye-rollingly delicious bird we have ever tried. Even if he wasn't a DJ with a penchant for Earth, Wind & Fire, even if they didn't score high on being able to cover almost any one else's pitch - these two would be truly loved by KERB for their incredible buttermilk fried chicken.

What they serve

The Bap

Free range Suffolk chicken marinated in buttermilk, deep fried to golden perfection in our secret Louisiana style coating. Mississippi style slaw and our own Korean hot sauce. Served on a Japanese style bun.


Specials  - only available at some markets 


Rotisserie Chicken

Banhams free range Suffolk chicken seasoned with our special seasoning and served with fries and/or mac n' cheese

Pork Belly
Slow rotisseried Blythburgh pork belly (probably the happiest pigs in England) with some of the finest crackling we've ever tasted. Served with sides of your choice and Justin's special Southern BBQ sauce
Mac N' Cheese
Cheddar grits

In their own words

From our trusty truck Bessie we roast and fry the best quality free range meats and serve them up in buns or with delicious sides. Famous for our Buttermilk fried chicken and Korean hot sauce, but also damn proud of our roasts!

– Justin Unsworth & Ross Gardner

Why the kerb life

Its a business where you can be truly independent but at the same time surrounded by the most friendly and useful community of traders you could wish for. We get to keep things simple and see the happy faces of customers first hand, and have them coming back time after time.

Fave Kerbster

So many highpoints KERBside but it has to be Luardos' beef brisket burrito, never less than amazing and sometimes even better than that. Perfection.