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Tongue 'N Cheek

Tongue 'N Cheek Tongue 'N Cheek Tongue 'N Cheek Tongue 'N Cheek Tongue 'N Cheek
Breaking hearts all over London with That burger.
KERB, 2015

Why we love them

This guy ditched his entire career and sturdy lifestyle in Mantova for the free-wheeling uncertainty of street slinging in London. What a soldier! Cristiano and his 'under-rated cuts of meat' ethos is a quiet revolutionist. You see him there at the grill, intensely closhing and prepping his famous Heartbreaker burger - it's hard to know what to make of him and his less-penetrable approach to customer service - but inside, there is a storm of ideology raging. Cristiano came to Britain to become part of a food network. He wanted to bring all his ideas for true edible and social sustainability and share it with the rest of us. His principles and dedication to this are unwavering. We are lucky to have him.

What they serve

Heartbreaker burger
Made of 50% ox heart and 50% dry aged beef up to 40 day from native breeds. Varieties below:
Cheesy: 150g burger plus cheddar, lettuce, dill pickles, ketchup and mustard.
Original: 150g burger plus chimichurri sauce, water cress, sour cream, cheddar.
Belly Connection: 150g burger plus pork belly, gorgonzola cheese, pimento mayo, pickeled onions rocket.
Piccante: 150g burger plus spicy Nduja, smoked provolone, kewpie mayo, lettuce, pickeled onion.
Philly Cheesesteak
Succulent thinly sliced dry aged chuck eye steak, red onions, peppers, spicy chimichurri sauce and cheese all in a steaming hot sub.
Roman style Lamb
Lamb cutlets, rosemary and anchovies sauce on a vinaigrette salad bed.
Rosemary Fries
Fries dressed with our own rosemary extra virgin olive oil.

In their own words

We aim to use underrated meat or fish cuts taking in great consideration sustainably, diversity, food culture education and affordability. Being a street fooder takes me closer to a wide range of people that are willing to experiment and expand their food culture knowledge.

– Cristiano Meneghin

Why the kerb life

Street food is still synonymous with independence and the community feeling is still strong enough to make us forget about all the London weather issues.

Fave Kerbster

Luardos burritos are always welcome and recently I tried some great and fresh flavours from many inKERBators.