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Well Kneaded

Well Kneaded Well Kneaded Well Kneaded Well Kneaded Well Kneaded
Pizza wagon on a mission
KERB, 2015

Why we love them

Two Wandsworth girls with incredibly glamourous Wandsworth mums decide to set up a pizza van and use it as a means to employ local Wandsworth kids who otherwise might not be given the opportunity. Bridget and Bryony work really hard at their pizza flavourings, but just as hard at creating changes on the streets - looking for ways to make themselves useful through their youth scheme, but also at bringing more flexibility to the often claggy London trading laws. We love them because they're troopers and because they make stuff happen.

See more on their website - http://www.wellkneadedfood.com/

What they serve

On menu year round -
Skinny Margaret
Tomato, Roasted garlic oil, oregano (or basil)
Tomato, buffalo mozzarella, oregano (or basil)
Meaty Margaret
Chorizo, Smoked Ham, Tomato, Buffalo Mozzarella, cheddar
**Urban special
Conference pear, balsamic soak, thyme, devon blue cheese, roasted garlic 
**Seasonal special
Cobble lane cured Pepperone, jerusalem artichoke, chilli cauliflower
** these will change with what's growing best that season.

In their own words

How to sum up Well Kneaded? I think the beauty of Well Kneaded is in it's sourcing; we love paying a lot of attention to where our raw ingredients come from, and also where our team comes from. On the food side, we work with organic and british suppliers as we curate our menu's each month to reflect what is growing best in the UK, keeping our customers connected with the land upon which they live.  On the people front, Well Kneaded's priority is employing and equipping some of London's long-term-unemployed youth and developing latent potential. We also love engaging with our customer's, whether it is serving up firebread pizza on a film set, or slinging out delicious slow-roasted brisket in sourdough wraps, fresh from our wood fired oven, at festival's in the summer.

– Bridget Goodwin & Bryony Lewis

Why the kerb life

We love moving around, seeing new sights, working with different people. The KERB life keeps us all on our toes and means the whole team learns how to problem solve and adapt to the ever changing environment's and the demands that come with them. Despite the changing locations, we love working within a constant and supportive community, all of whom feed us generously for lunch in exchange for a firebread pizza or two!

Fave Kerbster

It's always tricky to choose. I know that Carl, our longest standing crew member, can't get enough of the Kooky Bakes delicacies, and I have heard high praise in the Well Kneaded team recently for the BBQ Lab's steak sarnie...