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Well Kneaded

Well Kneaded Well Kneaded Well Kneaded Well Kneaded Well Kneaded
The british pizza straight from the mouth of a fire breathing wagon
KERB, 2015

Why we love them

With an emphasis on British ingredients and a constantly changing specials board Well Kneaded are committed to dishing up the best pizza straight into your waiting hands.


But Well Kneaded aren't just a food slinger with a penchant for wood fire, they are youth employers in Wandsworth, their local area and have centred their entire business around the goal of growing opportunities in this area. Means lot of paddling dough into the oven - which is all the better for us.

What they serve

Well Kneaded in house sourdough 'FIREBREAD' pizza bases with seasonal toppings:
Margaret: Tomato, buffalo mozzarella + seasonal herb (oregano/ basil)
Meaty Margaret: Bath pig chorizo, smoked ham, mozzarella, tomato
Veggie special *: Devonshire blue cheese and balsamic pear with roasted garlic
Seasonal special * Cobble lane cured fennel salami, Laverstoke park farm ricotta, Laverstoke Buffalo mozzarella, Rainbow chard
Garlic bread: Parsley, roasted garlic, butter
* Changes with the seasons
**we also can provide slow roasted lamb and beef with sourdough bases and salads for a 'tear and share' type banquet**

In their own words

How to sum up Well Kneaded? The beauty of Well Kneaded is in it's sourcing; raw ingredients, and also of our team! On the food side, we work with organic and british suppliers as we curate our menu's each month to reflect what is growing best in the UK, keeping our customers connected with the land (oo ar).  On the people front, Well Kneaded's priority is employing and equipping some of London's long-term-unemployed young people; developing latent potential. We also love engaging with our customer's, whether it is serving up firebread pizza on a film set, or slinging out delicious slow-roasted brisket in sourdough wraps, fresh from our wood fired oven, at festival's in the summer.


– Bridget Goodwin & Bryony Lewis

Why the kerb life

We love moving around, seeing new sights, working with different people. The KERB life keeps us all on our toes and means the whole team learns how to problem solve and adapt to the ever changing environments and the demands that come with them. Despite the changing locations, we love being part of a community where you get to taste London's best food every week!

Fave Kerbster

That Decatur Catfish sarnie is a new team fave (Carl was last seen wrestling with one) and the Tongue N Cheek 'Original Heartbreaker' burger has a seriously tempting tastebud tug whenever we are within a mile of it