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  • 12 events next month and today's all about preparation and planning for our biggest month to date.

    19th Apr 2014

  • Missing the long lost Hero's of Noble Espresso @RyanCunliffe & @greighwolfe #lads

    17th Apr 2014

  • Every Thursday needs to start with banter and top notch customer service from @CoffeeHit!

    17th Apr 2014

Noble Espresso

Noble Espresso Noble Espresso Noble Espresso Noble Espresso Noble Espresso Noble Espresso
Aeropress champ grinding up a storm on the kerb
KERB 2013

Why we love them

So much of the coffee we try on the street is perfectly nice, average and uninspiring. It took us a while to find someone truly exceptional, but now that we have, in the form of Shaun Young's Noble Espresso, there is no going back. The coffee is pitch perfect, the the experience and service unmatchable and Shaun himself a bundle of entrepeneurial energy, chomping at the bit to get things rolling. His sidekick Louis is the perfect foil, just as dedicated to the noble cause of serving great coffee. Together they combine to form one of the shining lights of KERB and King's Cross.

What they serve

Selection of the Worlds Best Coffee Roasters / East India Teas 

Latte, Cappuccino, Flat White, Mocha, Americano, Long Black, Espresso, Macchiato, Iced Coffee (seasonally), Hot Chocolate, Teas, Bottled Water, Artisan bakery, Cold Brew 

In their own words

After spending a year working in London’s exciting coffee scene I have always dreamed of having my own platform for showcasing my passion for coffee. Exceptional coffee can only be discovered in small pockets of the UK and my vision is for Noble Espresso to be recognised as one of leaders in the industry. We serve are own customised blend from a selection of the worlds best coffee roasters which is all served up from a beautiful hand built cart. 


- Shaun Young

Why the kerb life

KERB has enabled me to bring Noble Espresso to the streets of London. The community and relationships that are created over the bar really are something special that very few working environments can provide. After 1 year in the industry I have found myself representing the UK at the World Aeropress Championships last year, a few appearances on the BBC and a providing coffee backstage at the UK’s largest music festivals. It’s now time to present Noble Espresso to King's Boulevard.

Fave Kerbster

YOU DOUGHNUT, ALL DAY EVERY DAY!  BAO's unbelievable fried chicken