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Dairy-free, Vegan, Vegetarian

Trader Tweets


  • Big thanks and props to everyone who braved the rain at @DalstonMarket yesterday WE ♡ YOU

    24th Nov 2014

  • Ok so there have prob been dryer sundays to go the market but grab an umbrella & some english spirit & come support @DalstonMarket today ☔🍲

    23rd Nov 2014

  • Up bright eyed and bushy tailed for @DalstonMarket today. We say shove to chopsticks up at rhe rain and come down and gorge. ...

    23rd Nov 2014


Rainbo Rainbo Rainbo Rainbo Rainbo
The roar of the rainbo truck signals an end to the meat-in-a-bun glut and the arrival of healthiness and crunch!
KERB, 2013

Why we love them

The van! That 1948 Ford Pick-Up is totally twisting our melons. Have you heard it roar? Boy! This thing is a beast! Yet the couple running it - Shrimp & Ben - couldn't be more sweet and soft and un-beast-like. This is the dream that they've both been yearning for for so long. Against all kinds of warnings from friends and family who would rather they followed more conventional paths, they've gone for it and are feeling the thrill of the often-challenging ride. What a joy it is to watch them finding their way in this biz - and to serve such delicious food doing it.

What they serve

pork and ginger; chicken and coriander; tofu, scallion and shitake (v)
Freedom Box
6 gyoza, crunchy Asian slaw with caramelised chilli peanuts and edamame with sea salt
Fresh miso soup with wakame
Organic sparkling drinks

In their own words

We believe street food should be tasty, responsibly sourced and good for your body and your soul. We are crazy about crunch and bring some healthy veggie colour to Britain's streets along with our delicious homemade gyoza dumplings. With our Food for Freedom initiative, 20p from every meal goes directly to the rescue and rehabilitation of child labourers in Nepal.

Why the kerb life

The variety, the people, constantly being in new places with new faces, watching people smile as they eat and talk and experience new things, driving through London at the dead of night after a crazy night griddling for our lives, watching abandoned car parks spring to life with passion and deliciousness, getting to know your suppliers and their stories and their values, being part of something accessible to all, no matter your age or profession or background or taste. It's hard work but a crazy fun existence, and we are so excited to be part of it.

Fave Kerbster

Healthy Yummies make us weak at the knees with their fresh dived scallops and fluffy bed of celeriac. 

If we are feeling a little naughty, You Doughnut's white choc and cardamom bites are out of this world.