About Us


We are a membership organisation dedicated to the incubation and acceleration of London’s most innovative street food businesses.

We believe that the food on our streets should be filled with incredible, diverse, slap-you-round-the-face-it’s-so-good flavour, and that the talented traders behind it should have the best chance possible to do what they love, develop their businesses and, ultimately, succeed from the kerb up.

Moving our traders steadily through the 4 stages of our ecosystem – from inKERBator to KERB Alumni – is our expertise and focus. Through the opportunities for trading and exposure provided by our markets, public events and #kerbcaters arm (front of house) and the many business services we offer (back of house), our members are able to grow as they move along and are supported by the KERB platform.

Our platform is strong and continues to expand because is has been built on some simple yet powerful founding principles:

  1. Amazing food
  2. Talented people
  3. Professional practices
  4. Transforming city spaces


We were founded by Petra Barran who began talent spotting and organising traders from her choc-mobile, Choc Star, in 2010. The idea for KERB was basically incubated in an ice cream van! While scooping and shaking, rolling and pouring all chocolate everything, Petra spotted an opportunity to do something with all the talent and flavour she saw in her fellow traders.

The idea was to cluster – to seek out the most exciting street food talent, bring them together on the streets of London and progress this dynamic but previously unorganised industry.

We have been at the helm of the London street food scene since launching in 2012 at King’s Cross. We have improved the quality of food served on the capital’s streets, legitimised the industry through professionalising its practices, given Londoners something tasty to sink their teeth into and grown a community of entrepreneurs who are driving real change across the city’s food landscape.

Want to hear how it all began?

Watch Petra's TED Talk

Meet The Team

Petra Barran

Founder / Creative Director

Street food trader 2005-2011 via Jimmy, the choc-mobile. Drove all over Britain in that wagon, making friends with fellow traders as I went. Then, in a Damascene moment, realised that if we got organised we could make great things happen. First came eat.st (2010) the hobby/street food collective, then KERB (2012) the business.

Urbanism, dancehall, New Orleans.

TIPPLE: Tequila, straight-up

Simon Mitchell

Managing Director

Events industry stalwart – going from 90s/naughties DJ to his own events company, Impulse, in 2003, before joining Concerto Group in 2011. Simon joined KERB as MD in early 2016 and none of us have ever looked back ; ) The guy is driven and a great combination of sharp business brain, strong leader and big vision.

Chicken wing eating expert and Watford fan for life.

TIPPLE: Neck Oil

Ian Dodds

Brand Director

Part of the tiny founding KERB team of three and has done pretty much every job there is in the business. Ian keeps things on the level when everything else is spinning. Great diplomat and strategist, brilliant palate and discerning eye for the next thing in food, drink and cities.

Urbanism, cheese aficianado, Liverpool fan.

TIPPLE: Large Negroni

Alana Buckley

Head of Events

Alana has ten years in the events world under her belt – from heading up the events team at St Pauls’ Cathedral and Royal Hospital Chelsea to organising the iconic ‘Diner en Blanc’. With us since 2015, she heads up the PE team like the true slayer from Queens that she is.

Avid reader, politico, gym obsessive.

TIPPLE: Prosecco – and a straw

Robert Machin


With us since the start and (other than a brief, misguided sabbatical to Bleecker Burger in 2015) has been deep in this thing like no one else. From market manager to book-keeper to systems builder to street food sooth-sayer, this is the guy you want on your team. Heart and soul doesn’t cover it.

Linguist, philosopher, Family Specials and new dad.

TIPPLE: Lithuanian unfiltered lager

Hannah Walton

Head of Bars & Operations

When Hannah told us she’d grown up in a pub she was immediately given an interview. Then she told us she had a degree in Project Management and it was all over.

Marathon runner, deep sea swimmer, flutist.

TIPPLE: Chilled Manzanilla

Ollie Hunter


Ollie is the fixer and the ideas guy. He writes formulas in spreadsheets that make our markets work, at the same time as building games for our events and designing the KERB Vault. All-rounder, esoteric mind and endlessly patient.

Rambler, break-dancer, pub-quiz fluffer.

TIPPLE: Ice cold beer

Sophie Alexander

Head of People

Organisational wunderkind! After a 7 year stint in the corporate world, Sophie comes to us with mad tricks up her sleeves and we love it.

Dog lover, cheese lover, pub lover (lad).


Theo-Lee Houston

Head of Markets

From banker gazing out at our Gherkin market to trader to market manager to head of markets (!) Theo lives and breathes the street food life. Catch him roaming around the East Ends (or soaking up Island Life in the winter) – always with that keen eye, love of people and sharp mind.

Londoner for life, sound systems forever, explorer always.


Sam Forbes

Marketing Manager

Leaving the media agency life behind to set up a pop-up venture in Brixton, some of you may recognise this face from KERB Counter where Sam briefly used to manage. Then he bounded upstairs to join the KERB team in Jan – hands on, ideas heavy, comms commando AND logistic – this guy’s stacked solid with all-rounded Marketing expertise.

Food, Disco, Dogs.

TIPPLE: Beer then red wine

Tara Rudd

Marketing Assistant

Known for drawing funny faces on her Instagram posts, this one’s a quirk worth her weight in hashtags. Total grafter, food fanatic and witty observations on the KERB life from behind her smartphone. Catch her on our markets, trawling for #KERBfashion.

Exercise, donuts, exercise, kati rolls.

TIPPLE: Frozen Margarita

Tommy Harpin

General Manager - Bars

Digital artist fresh-out-of uni scouted whilst moonlighting at KERB/KIN Christmas Social 2016 – Tommy was snapped up due to his calm, systematic, can-do attitude. The fact he’s super handy with a Leatherman is pure bonus.

Charlton fan, fine art photographer, luscious locks!

TIPPLE: Whisky sour

Hannah Searle

Senior Events Manager

Food-obsessed and first in line for an eating competition, Hannah Searle (aka The Beast) ditched her high-flying job at JP Morgan to come and get stuck into the PE side of the business. ‘World’s worst singer’ but loves karaoke (awkward…) and fanatic about To Do Lists.

Dogs, Marmite connoisseur, sun worshipper.

TIPPLE: Espresso Martini


Elle Castle

Senior Project Manager

Ex ballet dancer who ditched uni after a year for the heady world of events. Elle’s managed them, done artist liaison and stage managed at international festivals. And she loves Health & Safety (!)

Dancing, gig fanatic, healthy eating.


Brit Underwood

Events Manager

An Aussie plunging from the world of high-end event catering into the KERB life. Brit ‘eats and drinks way too much’ (just don’t feed her coriander) and is always on the hunt for good coffee.

Dark chocolate mousse, the beach, bare feet over shoes any day.  

TIPPLE: Paloma

Hattie Shannon Little

Events Manager

Geography degree under belt, Hattie hit the road after graduating and loves to travel. After working in Asia and Australia for two years at bars and venues she found her Events calling and came back to London to pursue it.

Loves cycling, exploring, sticky toffee pudding.

TIPPLE: Dark ‘n Stormy

Joe Mills

Operations Manager

With over 15 years ducking and diving his way through the hospitality industry Joe now keeps the great wheels of KERB well oiled and turning. More at home on his hands and knees than behind a desk, this guy certainly knows how to get his hands dirty in the name of progress!

Rocker, film buff, ale man.

TIPPLE: Doombar

Patrick Winstanley

Market Manager (WeWork)

Known by most as ‘the cockerel of Camden’ and definitely one of KERB’s best dressed, Patrick used to be a chimney sweeper in Sweden and now keeps our mammoth 7-day-a-week market in shape.

Fashionista, new time Dad, big Preston North End supporter.

TIPPLE: Classic Lager

James Brooks

Market Manager (Paddington, Gherkin, St. Kats)

Ex-suit and tie robot turned globe-trotter. James gave up a career in the city to travel the world and recently found his calling of food and people. Find him with his mouthful (masquerading as @SquishyJimmy on Insta) at either Paddington, The Gherkin or Camden.

Avid Adventurer, Burger eater, MJ listener.

TIPPLE: Pale Ale

Rupert Avery

Market Manager (King's Cross)

Leaving the life at sea on super-yachts behind to start a Mexican street food business with his Twin brother, ‘@dosmas_food’, then become a Market Manager at KERB.

Explorer, Diver Enthusiast, Loves Mexico, Tacos all day.

TIPPLE: Classic Man

Kelly Austin

Financial Administrator

Joining us from the KERB Counterexpert cocktail shaker, Kelly, moved from South Africa to London in 2012 then travelled Thailand for 3 months before joining KERB in 2017.

Free spirit and cool as a cucumber (EXCEPT when she’s ‘hangry’) – happiest when lone-roaming the great outdoors, taking photos and doing handstands.

Tipple: Chilli cocktails in any form