Thank you to everyone who came to  indulge at ‘guilty pleasures’ themed weekender. Celebrating all that stuff that’s so wrong it’s right: crisp sandwiches, strawberry milkshake donuts, Arctic Roll stuffed chouxwiches, fried chicken pancakes – ALL our KERBanist’s most nosh-talgic blowout dishes,  and cheesy dream themes cover band tunes packed on to Granary Square.

Here’s the highlights.

Kicking off with an Only Jerkin soda cream-battered coconut  fried chicken banana waffle with BluTop spiced rum ice cream and chilli maple syrup / KERB bar Pina-KERB-lada / lucky charm-studded Vicky’s Donuts Hank’s posh prawn cocktail cone / and a WHAM bar swooped straight from the Lucky Dip, skillfull rested aboard the KERB Cornhole by Instagrammer Licky Plate.

DREAM THEMES! Countdown, Fun House, Casualty blasting off the stage. You guys were great :’)



Stuffing in the spicy homemade tata filled coronation chicken Project Sandwich breaders…

Thanks Charlie Giplin

Nonnas x Le Choux peanut butter jelly chouxwich #KERBlaboration

Other Side’s buttermilk pancake honey butter slath’d fried chicken ATTITUDE

Kids love the corn-hole


KERB dog / Teala’s pup Pepper

Night magic. Sex-on-the-Concretes + KERBnoff ices + Spice Girls + S-Club from DJ Joe Lennard.

Even when the rain came.


KERB Founder Petra Barran 🙂 Toast before her Mississippi travels.

DAY 2: YES, the heavens opened. But that didn’t dampen your spirit…

Ray Ray <3

Bar team!

SOGGY Curry On chips? EVEN BETTER.

The geese came to join us

More #KERBFashion / #StreetFoodTShirtWars

See you at the next one: ‘Livin’ On The Veg’ 18 + 19 August. INFO HERE.