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Full Banana Warehouse line-up is LIVE

We’re flinging open the doors to Seven Dials Market on 7th September! Here are the 13 food businesses who’ll be stirring things up inside the Banana Warehouse.


One of life’s true rebels and most natural cooks, here comes Bridget Hugo with Strozzapreti, ready to spin our head into knots with the flavours she’ll be serving.

Dish to look out for: Pappardelle with wild rabbit and Marsala liver ragu.


Ever since whiffing a magical briefcase of truffles in his first kitchen, Tom Bickers has been hooked. Rapid ascent for this rare talent and 2018 inKERBator grad.

Dish to look out for: The 7 Dials burger – with 7 cuts of meat including slow-cooked pigs head, a nod to the local area.


We’re reuniting with marvellous Monty’s and it feels so good. Mark Ogus and Owen Barratt have served their time on the streets and built a small but perfectly formed empire on their award winning salt beef. Now Seven Dials gets a big slice of it.

Dish to look out for: Salt beef, pastrami and smoked turkey Reuben sandwich with a pickle.


When coffee meets donuts a calm descends and the wonkiness of the world abates. Our very own donut queen (Vicky’s) joins forces with our very own coffee don (Coffee Space’s Simon Hutchinson) to bring to the Market what we’ve all needed all along.

Dish to look out for: S’more – filled raised donut with dark chocolate glaze, toasted Italian meringue filling, milk chocolate sprinkles and Graham Cracker crumb.


We welcomed INK’s Lucy Mee into the KERB fold fresh out of college – and have watched as she has soared, rewriting the rules on fish & chips and how beautiful they can be. Dredging through batter has never been more meaningful.

Dish to look out for: Fritto misto sharing platter with cod nuggets, whitebait, calamari, mussels and prawns (oh God).


When your moniker has become “like Wagamama on acid”, you know you’re in for a ride. Tim Anderson’s ramen go half the way there in propelling you into a higher state of consciousness. It’s those noods. And that broth. The broth is transcendental…

SDM dish to look out for: dry lamb curry ‘London’ ramen.


Mathew Carver sure did with this stilton. Cheese geekery and innovation are his specialist subjects, giving this city lavish doses of all of our favourite thing with the Cheese Truck, Cheese Bar and now a world exclusive: the cheese conveyor belt c/o Pick & Cheese

Dish to look out for: apart from the continually revolving cheese plates, it’s that goats cheese soft serve.


From windfall apples to soda warehouse all under their own pedal-powered steam, Square Root’s Robyn Simms and Ed Tayler are DIY street heroes, unafraid to challenge the natural order of the soft drinks market. See what they can do indoors with their uncompromising flavours and techniques. We’re massively rooting for them.

Dish to look out for: the drinks that taste like alcoholic cocktails but aren’t. Finally, somewhere to not drink and have a good time ; )


Discovered in 2011 making those beautiful steamed buns in Broadway Schoolyard, Lisa Meyer has expanded but never strayed from the quality and perfection of those plump pillows with well thought out fillings. And now she’s coming with that next menu item, just for SDM…

Dish to look out for: Chiang Mai sausage bao-wow with seaweed-salt shaker fries and black bean garlic mayo (!)


The niño of Venezuelan arepa slayers, Petare. When Rotsen Ibarra turned his hand to fried chicken on the off chance, back at #KERBsBucketList a couple of years ago, who could have expected such fuego to pop-off. His papa must have predicted as much when he nicknamed his son ‘El Pollote’ – big chicken – as a young’n. Either way, the potential has been seized and now we are in the midst of El Pollote.

Dish to look out for: Guava glazed fried chicken with a side of yuca fries and feta, avocado & coriander salsa.


Rice Guys became YIN when they imported London’s largest rice stone mill, built to produce the mesmerising cheung fun (steamed rice rolls) being made, cheung fun (steamed rice rolls). They’re ridiculous. As is the dynamism of Kea Teo, Vanessa Goh, Andrew Yu, this young team, fresh off the streets.

Dish to look out for: pork steamed rice rolls. (Settle in for the show).


Meriel kicked off the business in 2014, taking her first steps on KERB markets before everyone wanted a slice of that spicy vegan life. So tasty were her jackfruit burritos at the Gherkin that the City boys didn’t even clock they were plant. In fact, they started to prefer it. We are so happy to have them in this with us. Find them through their own entrance on Shorts Gardens, serving Club Mex favourites and exclusives, paired with vegan beer and wine. Fruitier and fruitier…

Dish to look out for: MFC burrito (Mexican ‘fried’ Chik’n, annato glaze, mustard mayo, pickled cabbage, salsa verde, jalapeños and dill).


Get you a man who looks at you the way Claw’s Fabian eyes up this guy. Prize for the most expensive dish in the market goes to him for his £18 lobster roll – you’ll taste the reason why soon enough.

Dish to look out for: all lobster roll. 100%. No fillers.

Big thank you to  Phelan Construction and our build team. Here’s SDM site manager, Florian, looking sharp against our yellow brick entrance, almost ready to let you in. Meet some of the faces behind the build @sevendialsmkt.

See you for Launch Week, 7-13 September. Join the event to see what we’ve got planned…

Photos by Hungry Visuals.