In celebration of our 10th Birthday, we’ve brought some of KERB’s nearest and dearest back into the fold to create a menu of almighty KERBlaborations. 

They’ll be on the menu at our big birthday bash on Friday 14th October, with some of the dishes staying on the menu at Seven Dials Market for the week after the party (Saturday 15th October – Saturday 22nd October, or until sell out).

Swing by and get a taste of our 10th Birthday with our limited edition KERBlaborations, including:


Bad Boy Pizza Society  x Oh My Dog: New York’s Finest
A 22″ New York style pizza topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, OMD bockwurst, beef vienna sausage, NY dog cart style onion sauce, diced pickles, sauerkraut, crispy fried onions and spicy brown mustard drizzle – with an everything bagel crust. Served with a honey mustard mayo dip, plus pickle and sauerkraut.

Chai Guys x Wheelcake Island: Chai the Wheelcake

A Chai Wheelcake, with cinnamon sugar dust and ice cream.


Yum Bun x Deeney’s: Hamish MacBao.
Haggis and molten cheddar croquette, caramelised onion, crispy bacon & watercress.

Vegetarian Haggis and molten cheddar croquette, caramelised onion & watercress.


Bong Bongs x Taco Dave
The Manny Taciao – The All Heart Taco:
Grilled lemongrass ox heart taco with lettuce, salsa verde, pickled papaya, spring onion, coriander and lime


Curry on Naanstop  x Yaay Yaay
Stir fried spicy minced chicken with basil sauce & chilli, in thin, crispy dosa

El Pollote x White Men Can’t Jerk
Jerk arepa:
Smoked Jerk thigh, pineapple chow, Venezuelan coleslaw, green plantain strings, Jerk BBQ, lime crema & Scotch Bonnet pickles in a crispy fried jerk seasoned arepa

Lucky’s Hot Chicken x Truffle Burger
24-hour brined fried-chicken thigh, dusted with Nashville seasoning, smoked bacon ketchup, vinegar slaw, whipped goat’s cheese, comeback sauce & Lucky’s pickles, all between brioche Texas toast. Served with truffle honey dipping sauce, and a Truffalo & parmesan chicken wing.

Soft Serve Society: This Sh** is Bananas

Funfetti Birthday Cake with Banana Soft Serve.

Boolay Crepes x Deekenek
Waffle Crème Brûlée


Keep your eyes peeled for more KERBlaborations dropping soon…

But hurry – once they’re gone, they’re gone!