Meet the trader: South London talent Bokit’la who’ll be joining us at JAM ON RYE on 28 May.

The first and only boys in London to be serving up Guadeloupean “bokits”. What’s a bokit? Huge deep fried crispy sandwiches stuffed full of French Caribbean flavour. Pick your bokit (small, medium, large) / pick your hot sauce (5 levels, made by mum) / fill it: chicken, Creolean seasoned aubergines or saltfish (we chose saltfish):

Bokit’la in action:

We grabbed a few moments to ask co-founders Nicolas and Thierry Baptiste  some JAM ON RYE related questions ahead of the festival. Here’s what they said: 

Favourite restaurant in London?


Which KERBanist are you most excited to try at JAM ON RYE?

Only Jerkin’

Favourite song?

2pac: Temptations 

What does reggae mean to you?

Good vibes chill out in peace and love while smoking the green and drinking proper rum bringing everyone together as a UNITY 

Who are you most looking forward to trading alongside at JAM ON RYE? 


Favourite spot in Peckham?

Bussey building and levels

If I wasn’t a street food trader I’d be…

A 2D animator lol

Interesting fact

We are the only one doing Bokit in The whole of London. We also have are incredible creole chilli sauce made by our Mother Yolande. She thought of doing a different level of spice so that everyone can spice up their food and/or Bokit (as you can purchase the chilli sauce)

Lev1 = Mild
Lev2= Médium
Lev3 = hot
Lev4= very hot
Lev5= extremely hot

The boys trade down at Oval Farmers Market every Saturday; Alexandra Palace most Sundays; St Katherine’s Docks on Fridays; Hammersmith Lyric Square on Thursdays; and Brown Hart Garden Markets on Wednesdays (full info here)

… or just wait to have them at Jam On Rye (they’re making us a special dish).