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Frequently Asked Questions



Yes – we are actively seeking new spaces to grow our markets, events catering and food halls in London and beyond.

We will be opening our second food hall, a sister to London’s Seven Dials Market, in Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz in 2024 and have other global food halls on the horizon.


It is a trader who we have selected to become a member of KERB. We take on around 5% of those who apply to join KERB.

  1. To create a legitimate platform for talented, independent street food businesses
  2. To improve the quality of food served on the streets
  3. To create delicious and fun experiences for everyone in the space between buildings

The sky is our limit! We were born in London, but we now cater for public and private events, markets and offices across the UK.

We will be opening our second food hall, a sister to London’s Seven Dials Market, in Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz in 2024 and have other global food halls on the horizon.


If you’re looking for your weekly lunch fix, check out what Markets are currently open here.

Or, come and get stuck in seven days a week at our indoor food hall, Seven Dials Market, in London’s Covent Garden.

You can also find us curating a world-class food and drink offering at the National Theatre, including eating from some of our incredible food traders in The Understudy.

You’ll also find us popping up at both public and private events across the UK and beyond. Tag us @KERBfood if you see us!


The kerb is a platform, a stage and a leveller. It is where a business can launch, theatre can happen from all the brilliant cooking and street life and where everyone in the city belongs.


We are a membership organisation, made up of incredible, independent, owner-operated food businesses.

We were born out of street food markets, and continue to run a number of weekly lunch markets across London. But we also now cater for public and private events across the UK, and run food halls in London (with global food halls on the horizon).

We also incubate and accelerate new food businesses through our Social Enterprise, KERB+, through our online KERB Classroom or in person inKERBator programmes.

Find out more about how to become a member of KERB here.




Yes: please use the sign up button in the header of our website! We only send out the tastiest of updates.


Head to the KERB Events page to find out more about hiring the team for your next private (or public!) event.



Yes! Having started (and stayed) on the KERB for over 10 years now, it’s fair to say we are the market experts.

Please email for more details.


Of course – but we also have social goals at the heart of the business that are all about making London a more delicious, independent, inclusive and fun place. (If we wanted to get rich quick we wouldn’t be in this industry).

In 2022 we set up KERB’s social enterprise, KERB+ which is dedicated to social impact.


Got a space that would benefit from a weekly lunch time market? We’ve got you! We have an incredible pool of traders ready and waiting to feed the crowds. Find out more about setting up a market here.



Once you have been invited to be an inKERBator or KERB member, you will be given opportunities to trade with us. We never randomly rota traders. See how to join us here.


We charge a small membership fee, which goes directly to KERB+, our social enterprise. It’s reinvested directly to support our social impact work.


No – we are street food only. We take this to mean traders whose primary focus is preparing and cooking on the street for customers to eat there and then.


When our founder, Petra – and a trader at the time – realised that if she joined forces with other like-minded traders they could make more happen. It began as an idea, then a hobby, then a business. Read the full story here, or listen to our podcast!


If you’d like to join KERB, find out more about the options and what we look for in the JOIN US section.


Being a doer, personality, drive, go-getter, vision, hustle, forthrightness, honesty, originality, team-player – and dedicated to serving the best version of their dish that they can, every day and consistently, over and over again.


Our inKERBator is a free eight week programme designed to give early stage businesses with raw talent but little experience the chance to accelerate their growth.

Find out more and apply here.


As long as we keep receiving brilliant applications and finding new sites to cluster our traders at, we will keep growing.

Membership is getting harder though, as we look to bring more sustainability to traders via the opportunities we create. Also, as the industry grows, it is becoming more difficult to stand out from the crowd and we are seeking the head-turners!



Please contact


Loads! Mexican, Italian, Korean, Japanese, French, US, Venezuelan, Colombian, Seychelles, Caribbean, Spanish, Levantine, British, Taiwanese, Indian, Greek, Pakistani, Jewish, Scandi, Indonesian, Polynesian, Thai… you name it, we’ve got it!


See the KERBANISTS page for the most up-to-date number – but it’s well over 100 and growing.



Petra Barran


Street food trader 2005-2011, Petra drove all over Britain in her choc-mobile, making friends with fellow traders as she went. One day she realised that if they got organised they could make great things happen. First came in 2010, then the launch of KERB in 2012. In 2023 Petra moved to an advisory role for KERB Group and gravitated back to what she loves most: roaming! In 2024 she launched her podcast Lowlines, which follows her ‘tuning into the pulse of place’

Urbanism, dancehall, New Orleans.

TIPPLE: Rita’s gilda martini

Simon Mitchell


Events industry stalwart – going from 90s/naughties DJ to his own events company, Impulse, in 2003, before joining Concerto Group in 2011. Simon joined KERB as MD in early 2016 and none of us have ever looked back ; ) The guy is driven and a great combination of sharp business brain, strong leader and big vision.

Chicken wing eating expert and Watford fan for life.

TIPPLE: Hepcat

Ian Dodds


Part of the tiny founding KERB team of three and has done pretty much every job there is in the business. Ian keeps things on the level when everything else is spinning. Great diplomat and strategist, brilliant palate and discerning eye for the next thing in food, drink and cities.

Urbanism, cheese aficianado, Liverpool fan.

TIPPLE: Large Negroni

Dominique Activille

Finance Director

This powerhouse does not play – with over 15 years financial expertise in the hospitality & leisure industry, she keeps us all on our toes. Direct, inciteful, driven and visionary, Domi integrates her experience with KERB’s goals in a way that is kind of a revelation for us. Gold.

Travel, food, family.

TIPPLE: Classic Margarita

Sophie Alexander

People & Culture Director

Organisational wunderkind! After a 7 year stint in the corporate world, Sophie comes to us with mad tricks up her sleeves and we love it.

Dog lover, cheese lover, pub lover (lad).


Alana Buckley

Group Business Development Director

Alana has ten years in the events world under her belt – from heading up the events team at St Pauls’ Cathedral and Royal Hospital Chelsea to organising the iconic ‘Diner en Blanc’. With us since 2015, she steers like the true slayer from Queens that she is.

Avid reader, politico, gym obsessive

TIPPLE: Prosecco – and a straw

Gavin Dunn

Managing Director - KERB+

From a 9-5 at Whitehall, to becoming one of KERB’s hottest pizza traders (the infamous Wandercrust), Gavin went through the inKERBator, and knows everything about success in street food. His wealth of experience make Gav ideal for heading up KERB’s most exciting new venture, our Social Enterprise programme!

Kindness, Cooking, Good Company

TIPPLE: Anything…

Laura Reed

Marketing Director

Laura started out her career by creating the first, and only, printed backpacker magazine during her sojourn around SE Asia. From here Laura has put down roots in the capital, honing her marketing skills by working across a plethora of bars, restaurants and cultural institutions in London.

Her one-year old Frank, ticking off to-do’s, good eats

TIPPLE: Mood Dependent

Linda Cooke

Head of People

Our legal eagle, Linda, is a boss when it comes to all things employment law. Her background as a former food writer means that Linda is in the right place with us at KERB, combining her penchant for all things hospitality and HR makes her an absolute rockstar when it comes to keeping the team in tip top shape.

Szechuan flavours, big screen flicks, frolics in Greece

TIPPLE: Pinot Noir (no substitutes!)


Hannah Walton

Senior Project Manager

When Hannah told us she’d grown up in a pub she was immediately given an interview. Then she told us she had a degree in Project Management and it was all over.

Marathon runner, deep sea swimmer, flutist

TIPPLE: Chilled Manzanilla

Charlie Casey

Head of Food Development

Charlie is a seasoned operator in London food – bringing structure, systems and much needed order into KERB. We watch in wonder as he commandeers a white board – mesmerising.

Ex Hip-Hop dancer, semi pro goalie, Lego collector

TIPPLE: GOOD Old Fashioned

Tommy Harpin

Head of Brand & Design

Bouncing from Artist’s Assistant to running KERB’s early days pop-up bars across London & the UK alongside Hannah Walton from 2016-2020. After a stint at Gipsy Hill Brewing Co, to leading the creative production and re-designing their core range, Tommy re-joined KERB for the second time in June 2021. Now Tommy heads up all things brand & design and propelling KERB’s visuals the future.

Charlton athletic, exploring cities, laying on beaches

Tipple: A few pints of lager

Louis Stewart

Head of Marketing

A latecomer to the world of hospitality, Louis loves applying his digital & strategic thinking skills to the creative world of food and drinks. He hopes to one day start his own food business – a possible future inKERBator graduate? 

Todd the dog, chilling with mates in a sunny park & cheese platters

TIPPLE: Rubbish lager

Brendan O’Donnell

Head of Health & Safety

From Head Chef to H&S pro, Brendan has been in and around hospitality for over 20 years, and it is fair to say, he bosses it! From Pubs to Private Member Clubs, Brendan has worked them all, becoming an industry stalwart. A world class food hall needs world class H&S management!

Spinning tunes, watching films, quizzing

TIPPLE: Guinness

Ben Bryan

Head of Finance

Ben joins KERB with 15 years of working in accounting for one of the worlds most well known Champagne houses, now heading up our KERB finance team! Ever the intrepid explorer, Ben is most at home out and about climbing, hiking and exploring, soaking in the world outside the city

Tunes, food, friends

TIPPLE: Old Fashioned

James Brooks

Head of Venue Operations & Lettings

Ex-suit and tie robot turned globe-trotter. James gave up a career in the city to travel the world and recently found his calling as a food fanatic and people person. Find him with his mouthful in a pair of jazzy socks at The National Theatre, Southbank.

Avid adventurer, burger eater, dance-floor annihilator.


Lisa Donohue

Head of Coaching

Our resident former ‘Dumpling Distributor’, Lisa, is leading the coaching endeavours of the KERB Social Enterprise. Using her years of experience across the industry, combined with her passion for hospitality, Lisa is driving KERBs approach to food and social impact.

Growing veg, making sourdough, exploring outdoors

TIPPLE: Red Red wi-ine

Kelly Austin

Scrum Master

Kelly joined us from the gone but not forgotten KERB Counter – first as an excellent bartender, but then it turned out she was pretty good at everything. Now we’re not sure how the place would run without her ability to get things done with minimum fuss and maximum delivery. The dream.

Sun worshiper, mountain trekker, chilli chaser

TIPPLE: Spicy cocktails in any form

Alicia Latham

Finance Business Partner

Alicia skipped university because she didn’t want to miss a second of London’s nightlife. From there she danced, ate and worked her way through her late teens, ultimately – and surprisingly to her – leading to a career in finance! She is just the energy we love round here – can-do, good hustle, great focus and ready to have fun!

Raving, raving, raving.

TIPPLE:  Double vodka orange

Sophie Kelly

Marketing Manager

Sophie has been making the events industry sexy on socials since she graduated from uni. With bags of experience under her belt, a dab hand in the kitchen and a penchant for markets, could she be a better fit at KERB? As a self declared Pub aficionado, you can normally find Sophie with Insta in one hand and a pint in the other!

Dogs, sunshine, sharing platters

TIPPLE: Picante

Chevonne Lawrence-Staunton

Office & Admin Coordinator

Chevonne joins us following her stint as a superstar member of our Seven Dials Market team, making the journey to being a fulltime, key member of our HQ team. Fully aligned with KERB’s food and social centric values Chevonne is bringing next level passion and energy to the office in a big way!

Sweet treats, taking centre stage, good people

TIPPLE: Whiskey, strictly neat

Renata Petraityte

Payroll & Benefits Manager
From Lithuania to London, Renata’s journey includes a stint in an Italian restaurant and an inspiring 11-year tenure managing a social care company, climbing from admin to GM. She’s a numbers whizz with a heart for people. When she isn’t crunching numbers, Renata enjoys exploring new cultures and cuisines.
Loves outdoor cooking, exploring the world, kindness
TIPPLE: Negroni

Selina Mustafa


Selina is our vintage connoisseur and seasoned globe trotter. Joining the design team full-time, Selina is here to keep us all cheerful and ticking along after a stint in the People team! From people to posters and print, Selina’s graphic design wizardry keeps KERB looking fresh!

The 60s, The 70s, The 80s

TIPPLE:  Alabama Slammer

Ellie Butters

Social Media Manager

Long time KERB friend turned KERB team member, Ellie has earned her marketing stripes working with our good pals over at Gipsy Hill Brewery. Our resident pints and pictures expert Ellie is also a dab hand in the kitchen, with a cake business under her belt to boot!

Pigeons, pubs and pineapple on pizza (forgive me)

TIPPLE: Negroni, always

Claudia Bovey

Senior Markets & Development Manager

Trader turned team member, Claudia joins us from Camden stalwart STAKEhaus. No longer chopping chips, Claudia is playing a vital role at the heart of our business, The Food Team! Responsible for finding and nurturing London’s finest street food talent, she knows what it takes to succeed in this game.

Trash TV, karaoke, smashing out a Sunday roast

TIPPLE: Whiskey Sour

Jessica Warden

Market Manager

Following on from her MA in Culture Industry, Jess honed her market managing craft at the epic, Truman Brewery. Jess uses her knowledge of placemaking and culture-led regeneration to make KERB’s markets, new and old, into the London institutions the city knows and loves.

Festival boogies, summer cycling and exhibitions

TIPPLE: Pints (under £5 please)

Priya Narain

Purpose & Impact Manager

Globe trotter Priya started with a career in travel, before deciding to switch lanes to bring her experience over to venues and hospitality. Following a stint in the KERB Events Team, Priya is now leading our purpose and impact initiatives, ensuring KERB is an industry leader in the fields of diversity, inclusion and sustainability.

Cheese obsessed, World traveller, 90s R&B fanatic

TIPPLE: Espresso Martini

Kye Lovelace

Recruitment & Staffing Manager

Starting his career in the world of retail, Kye worked his way around the luxury and premium sectors, before finding his love of all things people. With a passion for talent acquisition and the experience to boot Kye is here to ensure KERB hires the finest folks in the industry.

Photography, Japanese Dining, all things ‘Japandi’

Tipple – Piña Colada

KERB Events

Biff Lawrence

Managing Director

With almost 30 years in the game, Stephen (known as Biff) is an events industry stalwart, known throughout the capital for his events know-how and can-do attitude. There isn’t a corner of the London event scene that Biff hasn’t turned his hand to, whether it be selling, operating, managing, and even cheffing on the odd occasion. Biff’s years of experience are here to take KERB Events to the next level

Spending time with his kids, sport, gardening

Tipple: Classic Old Fashioned


Hannah Robson

Events Director

An event agency impresario, Hannah is another that has succumbed to the lure of team independent! Bossing events for 9 years, and a long-term KERB client, we have a top drawer captain at the helm of our events team.

Beach days, Dottie the cockapoo, wine


Tom Moffat

Projects and Logistics Director

Tom has been deep in the Fanzone world for almost a decade, bringing the best of food and booze to fans at some of the UK’s most iconic sporting venues. Now he’s leading the charge on our partnership with Compass Group to get more of our members food in front of more of the public.

Cycling, Spurs, bouncy locks

TIPPLE: Guinness

Felicity Mellor

Operations Director

Flic has over 17 years in hospitality and she has done it all – from washing pots to orchestrating multi-million pound contracts, and even running bars at Glastonbury. When she’s not masterminding event logistics, Flic’s in her element cooking up a storm; her roast dinners are the stuff of legend!

Loves cooking up a storm, dancing the night away, and pub sessions.

TIPPLE: Wine (any!)

Noemi Kelly

Head of People

Noemi is the ultimate people champion! After a stint in retail, she made a swift 360 into HR. A talent spotting extraordinaire with a knack for developing individuals every step of the way. Taking a non traditional approach to HR, Noemi is here to keep us all happy, healthy and thriving.

Interior decorator, Italophile, far away places

TIPPLE: Negroni

Lucy Richardson

People Manager
Lucy found her way to HR via some of London’s hospitality hotspots. Climbing the HR ladder within Fintech and Media, Lucy returned to hospitality which led her to KERB… Lucy’s passionate about people and creating policies for everything.
Naps in the sun, live music, and pets (dogs, cats, neighbourhood foxes)
TIPPLE: Bloody Maria or a good G&T

Toby Chaplin

Head of Events

Toby switched from drum n bass club night promoter to helping steer Osea Island from a ‘rather ragtag operation’ to a bonafide, luxury private island venue over his 5 years there. A stint at Village Underground came before switching from KERB client to KERB team member and now here he is!

Speed freak, hip-hop nerd, house renovator

TIPPLE: Abstinent Fashioned

Jordan Reid

Head of Bars

Working in bars for 12 years, Jordan knows his way around a jigger! Starting his career at Crazy Pedros in Manchester, Jordan made his way down to London, and after working at a host of London’s Food Halls, he finally made his way to the Mothership at Seven Dials & KERB.

Liverpool F.C, drinking up, eating out

TIPPLE: Tommy’s Margarita

Ellie Wallace

Events Sales Manager

Resident venue queen, Ellie has spent her professional career working agency side, planning events across a plethora of hotels, bars, cinemas, warehouses, rooftops and everything in between! Well versed in making events happen anywhere, she is the perfect fit.

Wine taster, Hostess with the Mostest, Burger Buff


Lily Spendlove

Event Sales Manager

Joining us from the awesome Truman Brewery, Lily has bags of experience to bring to the KERB events team. A sucker for a hi-vis, clipboard and a walkie talkie, Lily works on curating kick ass events for our wonderful private and corporate clients.

Gold Jewels, Local Boozers, DIY Tattoos

TIPPLE: Spicy Margarita

Daisy Allen

Event Sales Manager

Daisy is our creative dynamo with a flair for events. Daisy graced the ballet world before swapping tutus for the buzz of events. Joining us with over a decade of experience in hospitality, spanning from FOH at Wagamama to managing high-profile events like Silverstone F1 and Henley Regatta, Daisy is a Japanese food enthusiast and a lover of all things art, a true asset to the KERB sales team.

Loves crumpets, romance novels, sunsets by the sea

TIPPLE: Red red wine

Kay Edu

Warehouse & Logistics Manager

Kay, our Warehouse & Logistics Manager, brings a decade of hospitality expertise to the table. With a passion for cocktails and bars, Kay is the behind-the-scenes force ensuring every event runs smoothly. With a flair for mixology and a knack for logistics, Kay is the go-to person for making sure everything is in the right place at the right time.

Loves learning new things, keeping fit, creating cocktails

TIPPLE: Bue Raz Whey Protein Shake

Alfie Smith

Food & Beverage Manager, Dreamland
Our seaside stalwart, Alfie, has hospitality in his blood, coming from a family of pub and club owners he took on his own pub at just 21! Alfie joins us with years of experience in live music, libations and everything in between, the perfect fit for our F&B operations at Dreamland.
Arsenal FC, Oasis & family (not in that order!)
TIPPLE: Tidal Pool IPA

Jonathan Keane

Senior Operations Manager

John began waiting tables straight out of uni to get into events, and worked his way up to supervising across numerous London venues from there. He joins KERB Events with a laser sharp focus and passion for the planning and logistics side of delivering spectacular events.

Sunsets, sport, dumplings

TIPPLE: Espresso Martini

Edoardo Alfano

Health & Safety Advisor

Our resident Indie Rocker, Edoardo, is an H&S pro! He has popped down the bass guitar and now favours his clipboard and some snazzy latex gloves. Edoardo joins us with years of experience in the world of H&S for a big high street restaurant chain, and is here to keep us in tip top shape!

Carbonara, Concerts and AC Milan

TIPPLE: Negroni

Husain Mapara

Bars Manager

Frequent traveller and KERB Fashionista – Londoner, Husain used to be a Librarian for Camden council before breaking out into his true calling – festivals and parties! Now heading up the return of our much loved KERB Counter in our newest Social Enterprise venture.

Full-time raver, techno house and disco lover, the deepest voice you’ll ever hear

TIPPLE: Rum Old Fashioned

Sam Mason

Development & Events Manager

A true connoisseur of street cuisine, Sam is our go to guy for getting our traders event ready! Whether finessing the composition of a taco, or glamming up a gazebo, Sam knows what tastes delicious as well as how to make things run seamlessly. Food is life for Sam and we are ecstatic to have his passion on team KERB.

Hiking, cheffing, eating

TIPPLE: Nikka from the barrel

Kat Wilton

Team Manager

Leaving the Harry Potter Studio behind to bring the magic and production/events skills to KERB, Kat is someone who gets things done. Super well organised, mad attention to detail and brilliant eye for aesthetics

Festival lover, pizza enthusiast, cat-obsessed

TIPPLE: Guinness

Nick Bennett

Operations Manager

Long time festival head, Nick kicked things off working on and eventually running festival bars, followed by a swift move over to the world of sporting and stadia events, working on a remit that extended beyond the territory of pints! Taking his career full circle Nick, and his rather dashing moustache, have both joined the wonderful world of KERB events, helping us deliver next level hospitality.

Ozzy Rules Football, British Rules Football, A Page Turner

TIPPLE: Boulevardier

Daisy McAuliffe

Partnerships Manager

Fresh from the alps, Daisy has swapped her life of managing events up mountains for the London street food scene. Following the love of her life – delicious food, Daisy joins the growing team working on our partnership with Compass Group.

Ski, scuba, chatting nonsense

TIPPLE: Long Island Ice Tea


Ed Lloyd

Partnerships Manager - South

Moving from The Fens to join us in the big smoke, Ed has been in and around KERB for a fair while now, starting his days out as a bar back at Seven Dials, and working his way up the ladder into head office as the Partnerships Manager for the South. Ed gets street food, and has seen it on every scale, the perfect guy to keep moving this thing forward.

Festivals, rugby, banging tunes

TIPPLE: Pint, standard

Coretta Kodua

People Manager

Sidelining her dream of becoming the next Beyonce, Coretta has worked across a plethora of well-known high street restaurants, garnering years of hospitality experience. Now she has joined us here at team independent, as a vital member of KERB’s awesome HR department.

Seafoodie, singing superstar, continent hopper

TIPPLE: Passion fruit Mojitos

Harpreet Pal

Junior Finance Business Partner

English grad turned finance pro! Harpreet is a calculator convert after dipping her toe into the world of finance admin a few years ago, however, she is still a self-proclaimed book worm. Joining the KERB events finance team, Harpreet is the one sending out the invoices and bringing in the bacon!

A deep chat, some fat chips, a good book

TIPPLE: Anything sweet

Hannah Knott

Operations Manager

Hannah joins us with heaps of grassroots hospitality experience, with years of pulling pints around the world under her belt. Having studied architecture at uni, Hannah knows how to boss design software that most of us have never even heard of!!

Pals, pints, pasta puttanesca

TIPPLE: Bloody Mary, always spicy


Greg Wright

Operations Manager

A seasoned events veteran! Greg has taken on pretty much every role going in events, from behind the bar, to now running them, there isn’t much that he can’t turn his arm to. Joining us from a beloved KERB venue, Truman Brewery, Greg now gets the chance to boss the show at some of London’s greatest spaces.

Pedal bikes, motorbikes, guitars

TIPPLE: Sailor Jerry’s – Served anyway!

Seven Dials Market

Katie Horesh

Sales & Events Manager

Katie has spent 23 years in hospitality, from London’s luxury hotels to trendy nightclubs and top restaurants, she’s done it all. Katie is not just our sales and events whizz; she’s a people person with a knack for creating unforgettable experiences, the perfect candidate for London’s flagship food hall!

Loves mastiffs, tequila and a cheeky chuckle

TIPPLE: Spicy Marg

Lara Barquin Fernandez

Marketing Manager

Starting her career as a TV reporter back home in the Canary Islands, Lara has always had a passion for bringing quality content to the masses. Lara made the move to the UK in 2015, and with it a switch up into hospitality and marketing. Now settled at Seven Dials Market, she is here to spread the word of London’s most delicious destination.

Strolling about, snapping shots, seeing the world

TIPPLE: Aperol Spritz

Grimes Smith

Market Manager

Deeply influenced by the ephemeral rave scene of the late 80s early 90’s, Grimes became immersed in the UK club & festival circuit that sprung up at that time. Inspired by the era’s DIY ethos and music culture, he pursued collaborative projects involving independent recording studios, record labels, club nights and festivals – before connecting with KERB’s ethos and running the floor at SDM.

Psycho geography, boxing training, Soviet synths

TIPPLE: Masala Chai / East 8 hold up / Hepcat (in that order)

Robbie O’Brien

Health & Safety Advisor

Safety doesn’t sleep where Robbie isn’t concerned. From Harrods to KERB, Robbie brings heaps of expertise to keep our customers safe.

Sun, documentaries & grime / old school garage

TIPPLE: Espresso martini, Patrón XO cafe (rip)

George Fryer

Floor Manager
George has been on the street food scene since 18, working across and managing a plethora of stalls at festivals up and down the country! George joins us off the back of a couple of years freelancing, running some pretty major events, focussing on improvement and strategy. With a penchant for improving processes and people, George is the perfect fit for Seven Dials.
Sunday fundays, cracking company, food!
Tipple: Negroni