Last month on Friday April 8th, Seven Dials Market re-launched Cucumber Alley with a delicious line up of traders serving up a diverse selection of fresh bites, sweet treats & indulgent eats, to add to the already epic wide-ranging food offering in the Banana Warehouse. 

Open seven days a week, Cucumber Alley is the go to destination for the insta-hungry, dessert-before-mains, or snack-around-the-clock kinda people. We know you’ll fall into at least one of those categories…

The space reflects what KERB does best, offering the opportunity for more of its independent trader talent to take the next step and move from their pop up street market pitch, to a permanent indoor site. And where better than the bustling Seven Dials Market, in the heart of London’s Covent Garden! 


So what’s on offer?

Cucumber Alley is bringing us some of the brightest talent from the KERB pool to date: which means more flavour sensations for us.  Simon (KERB’s Managing  Director and SDM Curator) says, “Seven Dials Market has always been a very special place, and a hot pot of new and talented brands coming together – all under one roof… Cucumber Alley’s re-launch comes as London is re-opening and provides the space for people to pop in and experience Seven Dials Market as a whole.”


Now let’s talk about the food. 

Oshpaz Dumplings :
Oshpaz was dreamt up by Muzaffar Sadykov, who noticed a distinct lack of the Central Asian Cuisine that he had loved from a very young age. Traditional Uzbek dumplings, pack a punch of sour and savoury flavours.

Deekenek Waffles :
The dreamiest and most delectable Belgian waffles. Don’t miss the speculoos waffle. It’s A waffle topped with a coffee ganache, Belgian speculoos sauce & speculoos crumble. That’s Biscoff to us by the way.


Naanstop Express:
From our very own Curry on Naanstop legends – we’ve got all the authentic Indian street snacks in one place; Bhel Phuri, Spiced Chaat and Medhu Vada (savoury lentil doughnuts – YUM). This is the food you eat when you need reassurance.


Soft Serve Society :
What’s on the menu? Soft serve ice cream sundaes, cones, cups, liege waffles, milkshakes and bubble tea. Dreamed up for KERB especially, look out for Banana milk soft serve and cucumber mojito sorbet!

Boolay Crepes :
Behind the dessert kings, Yolkin, Boolay Crepes was born. The concept is simple, crepes filled with fresh creme brulee and torched to sugary perfection. Oh and an award for the cutest logo!


Wheelcake Island :
Wheelcakes are soft, moist, fluffy Taiwanese pancakes with creamy fillings in a variety of flavours including adzuki bean, chocolate, matcha and vanilla custard. They smell like pancakes, look like a biscuit and taste like warm custard. Take 5 minutes out of your day to get zen watching these beauties being made, and they don’t look too bad on the gram either..


One last thing, since we were high from all that sugar overloading, we thought we might offer the chance to WIN £500 at CA. Entries still open here.