Ahead of our fried chicken battle on 20 July we asked our traders and the KERB Team for their favourite places in London to eat fried chicken – then put them on a google map for you to explore. From chain shop legend Morely’s to street food bird boss Mother Clucker’s first proper shop; Chicken Cottage comfort to the finer fried Taiwanese chop with cured egg yolk at Bao



Top 10 Most Popular

1. Spit & Roast 
2. Bao London 
3. Morley’s 
4. Other Side Fried
5. Petare 
6. Kricket 
7. Chicken Cottage
8. Taste of Tennesee
9. Nan Ban 
10. Chick ‘n’ Sours

KERB’s Top 11  fried chicken dishes (as voted by our traders and KERB team)


1. Fried buttermilk spiced chicken, grated Graviera cheese and muhammara at Brother Marcus voted by Lily at Stakehaus.

2. Taiwanese fried chicken chop with chilli sauce and cured soy egg yolk at Bao Fitzrovia (voted by Ollie Hunter, Head of Development at KERB HQ)

3. Petare’s Masa fried chicken guava glaze thighs at Dinerama Street Feast and KERB Camden (voted by Richard from Engine Hot Dogs and KERB Team Hannah Searle)

4. Korean Fried Chicken at Bone Daddies (voted by Alex Pashby from Beefsteaks)

5. James Cochran’s Buttermilk jerk fried chicken with scotch bonnet jam, coriander and maize (voted  by Taco Dave)

6. KERBanist Pochi’s crunchy shio koji karaage-fried chicken with zesty yuzu and goma wasabi and mayo (voted by Tara KERB Team) – look out for them at one of Saori’s pop ups! 

7. Buttermilk fried chicken, with jerk glaze, buttermilk sauce, purple pickled carrot & pickled chilli at (voted  by KERB Team Robert Machin) at  Silver Lining E9

8. Other Side Fried #KERBSBUCKETLIST 2017 entry: crunchy buttermilk fried chicken. Seething pretty in bitter cocoa dust, chipotle salt, and sticky hot maple syrup (voted by Joel at Oh My Dogs)

9. ‘Gai Prik’ free range chicken chilli from Farang with scotch bonnet burnt chilli dipping sauce. Cooked karaage style with a fish sauce & palm sugar glaze and fresh Asian herbs (voted for by Petare’s Rotsen)

10. Chick ‘n’ Sours Jung Pao chicken wings (voted by Simon Mitchell KERB Team) 

11. Taiwanese giant fried chicken from Good Friend in China Town (recommended by KS Ate Here)

… AND KERB’s top fried chicken spots from around the world

  1. NEW ORLEANS: Willie Mae’s – picked by KERB Founder Petra Barran. “A local institution and there’s always a line but when it’s fried chicken time, this is where I love to head. It’s a proper clapboard corner spot whose namesake, Willie Mae Seaton, died in 2015 aged 99 – but still the fryers keep on bubbling. Go hungry and get the 3 piece with lima beans, mac n cheese and mashed potatoes”

2. TOKYO – Rose chicken at Kushiyaki restaurant. Picked by KERB Director of Markets, Ian Dodds. “I had rosé  chicken tempura (or kushiage – means deep fried on a stick) in Tokyo – Texture of raw tuna…”

3. GOA: “
Chicken 65” at Tony’s Cafe in Fort Aguada – picked by Tara Rudd KERB HQ

4. KANSAS CITY: Stroud’s  buttermilk fried chicken picked by Prairie Fire


  • 6 Ballygunge place in Kolkata –  picked by Indian Street Kitchen. 
  • KyoChon 1991 + Chicken Chef in Seoul – picked by Daja Chicken.
  • Hotstar (Shilin Market – where it all started – spicy and original – available in Australia and all over Asia) + Two Peck Chicken – picked by da ja Chicken.
  • 2-Karachi Broast, Karachi – picked by Roti House
  • “Some Hicky place in the hills behind myrtle beach, South Carolina – Angus Denoon of EveryBody Love Love.
  • Mrs Wilkes Dining Room in Savannah – picked by Tony of Anna Mae’s.

Hopefully THAT left you hungry enough for KERB’s Bucket List. If it did, get your tickets.