If you’ve followed KERB for a while, you’ll know Lily and her bright pink STAKEHAUS van. They began their journey when Lily did a backyard BBQ in the spring of 2015 and her friends and fam just couldn’t get enough.

STAKEHAUS began trading at KERB markets in the summer 2015 with an all female crew, slinging out the most tender steak and fries with sauces we (and you) just couldn’t get enough of. They soon became a regular fixture, trading three times a week to keep the crowds happy.

STAKEHAUS at a KERB market

Fast forward eight years, and STAKEHAUS have made a proper name for themselves on the street food circuit. They’ve been busy trading at markets, popping up at events and spending summer on the South Bank outside the National Theatre in 2021.

There have been a few cheeky inventions along the way, with HAUSMATE doing a residency at the KERB Counter. And not forgetting CHEESEHAUS serving up raclette and crispy spuds for winter at the National Theatre…

CHEESEHAUS with KERB at the National Theatre

Making big moo-ves into Seven Dials Market

In 2023, a space became available in Banana Warehouse, and STAKEHAUS were a natural fit. Today, you’ll find Lily and her team slinging steak and fries from their restaurant on the first floor, right next to Cucumber Alley.

STAKEHAUS at Seven Dials Market

Beef that’s better for the planet

Sustainability has always been close to Lily’s heart. For Lily, choosing to be sustainable in food means choosing a future for food. In 2021, after a couple of years of research, STAKEHAUS introduced Redefined meat to the menu, becoming one of the first steak businesses in London to offer plant-based meat. That way, they can still offer the full experience of traditional meat without compromising the planet.

On the menu at STAKEHAUS:

This ain’t your regular steak and chips. Lily is sustainability focused, sourcing all her beef from regenerative farms in Ireland. There’s also an incredible plant-based option, from Redefine meat, best served up with loads of vegan garlic butter.

Since STAKEHAUS moved in to Seven Dials Market in 2023, they’ve already served up over 30,000 orders, including 10,000 steaks and 13,000 portions of herby, buttery fries. Have you tucked in yet?

From the KERB up…

Beef that’s better for the planet, and a side of social impact. What’s not to love?

If you think you’ve got what it takes to follow in Lily’s footsteps and start your own food business, we’d love to be part of the journey. Find out more about our free inKERBator programme here.