“My Nan, Hilma Dawes, came to the UK from Jamaica in the mid 50’s seeking a new life with my Grandad. They met in kingston when my Nan was training to be a seamstress and Grandad had his own taxi company. 
It was never my intention to get into street food until I started experimenting with my cooking at home. I naturally used flavours I had experienced growing up, from my Nan’s jerk chicken to my moms ackee and salt fish or my aunties Saturday soup and I always appreciated the strong flavours and how they never shied away from heat and spice! My experience of eating was always being part of a family – 30+ of us round Nan’s table for Sunday dinner (favourite were the fruit punches and coconut ice cream for dessert – which is I love food because it brings communities together.

Nan on the windrush boat! 👇” – Luke Dawes