NOVEMBER 2012: It wasn’t long after launching that we got a call from St Mary Axe – or the Gherkin to you and me – wanting to talk about a market outside the building. At the time this seemed unfathomable. The Gherkin represented the most iconic building in the Square Mile – or the ‘reproductive organ of the financial heartland’ as Rob described it. Impenetrable, beyond corporate and just way out of the average person’s reach.

Because their management wanted to change this perception and give it a more liveable quality – and let’s face it, because everyone loves a decent lunch – KERB came onto their radar.

Now, thousands of lunches later, we have made it to the grand milestone of 4 years at the Gherkin. Not sure we will ever not love creating that weekly contrast of high up stacked trading floors with kerb level trading stalls.

Here’s the cake Fattie’s made St Mary Axe to celebrate (buttermilk chocolate cake with salted caramel buttercream):


(Petra Barran)