GOODBYE BLUTOP. After 4 years on the kerb, ice cream sandwich maverick, Richard, has hung up his scoops and put Barbara out to pasture so he can move on to other things. Our sweet tooth is gutted that you’ve retired from the street food racket, but we can’t wait to see your new “business of dreams” take shape.

Here’s a look back at some of our favourite ice cream inventions BluTop’s spun-out over the years, served up with a dollop of Wirral chat from a little blue van parked up on so many of this city’s streets.

1. Whitehouse cherry topped donuts with cornbread gravel

2. Lemon curd and black tea ice cream layer cake (made to order) 

3. Turmeric and dark chocolate brownie scoops

4. Bourbon Old Fashioned baked Alaskas (#KERBis4)

5. Summer strawberry, tarragon and hibiscus cones 

6. Oreo crumb, salted caramel and Pretzel ice cream Vicky’s Donuts toasties (#KERBlaboration at #KERBis5)

7. Cardamom jaggery and coconut cookie mango lassi ice cream sandwich (#KERBdoesAlchemy special)

8. Salted chocolate S’mores, strawberry sponge cake

9. Maple pecan ice cream brioche toasties with salted caramel sauce (#KERBCamden special)

10. Giant  choc ice marshmallow bars

From KERB markets to Brockley Market, Druid Street Market to Victoria Park Market – you did them all! Keeping the flavour exciting, the quality high and being honest despite the smiles:

“London’s not a 
welcoming place for small businesses and it’s been a constant battle to make everything work without sacrificing the quality of my product. Please keep supporting independent businesses; your collective enthusiasm for ice cream and cookies literally made my dreams come true and in return, made this city’s food scale just a little more interesting”, Richard Makin, BluTop 2018.