The first InKERBator programme of the year is about to conclude, and our traders are getting ready to take flight as fully-fledged Kerbanists. After a tough few years for the hospitality industry (and everyone else), we re-launched our inKERBator programme with 8 shiny new traders.

Meet and get to know our incredible new Kerbanists:

1. Dope Birds

From structural engineer to restaurateur and now the proud founder, the geniuses behind Dope Birds have had quite a journey. Head to these guys for all things chicken wings. Did we mention that their wings are award-winning?

2. Rice ON.LDN

Rice ON is the fresh and energetic trader slinging out Bulgogi bowls. We’d recommend the Spicy Bulgogi, the fresh and spicy bowl kicks (so does the rest of their menu)!

3. Mumbai Mix

Mumbai Mix offers sumptuous stuffed dosas, the family-run business encapsulates the KERB spirit. The mother-daughter force behind Mumbai Mix has been a huge hit at the West India Quay market.

4. Homeland

Homeland’s founder, Carly, is inspired by the punchy chillies and zingy flavours from her homeland, Hunan. Her Grandma’s braised pork recipe is too good to keep from the world and her legacy lives on through this incredible menu.


Enak is a fresh and fiery Indonesian street food trader, with skills learned during their time in the Indonesian village of Wairkoja. ENAK came to life through lockdown with April 2021 marking its market debut.


USTICK! explore new ways to bring healthier Chinese food to the streets of London with their home-cooked recipes. The vibrant yellow stall brings sunshine wherever they pitch up.

7. Kapanna

Bringing South African cuisine to the markets of London, Kapanna is on a mission to share its knowledge and passion. The signature dish is the Boeri-roll with chakalaka but we’ve also got our eye on their tender slow-cooked spare ribs.

8. RockIT
Anu has the most unbelievable passion for her business and her food. Fun fact: the team can pop their gazebo up in RECORD time, always with a smile. Our curry-obsessed market manager says that the butter chicken is one of the best she has ever tasted.

Our KERB ecosystem and the inKERBator programme help us to grow our community of talented street food traders whilst we secure great spaces for traders to operate in, building more opportunities for everyone to serve and eat great, independent food. It’s been incredible to watch each trader grow as they hatch, incubate, and accelerate.

Are you a budding street-food trader looking to get involved in the InKERBator programme? Come and join us!