Our first ever batch of inKERBators graduated last week! 

Congratulations: Taco Dave, Sheng High, Smokin’ Lotus, Greedy Khao, Piadina Project, Cyprus Kitchen, Toshka and Devi’s.


3 months of dishing up lunches at KERB KX and now they’re being unleashed across ALL OUR KERBS. (Look out here).

Even MORE exciting news: we’ve just taken in a whole raft of fresh hot street food talent, who start today at Kings Cross, for the next 3 months.

Feat. Taiwanese wheel cakes, vegan ‘junk food’, Korean fried chicken, gyozas and jollof, we welcome aboard the following 10:

  1. Biff’s Jack Shack
  2. Da ja chicken
  3. Wei Wei Wheel Cakes
  4. Wandercrust
  5. The Gyoza Guys
  6. Cally Munchy
  7. Yaay Yaay
  8. Elote
  9. Hooks
  10. Salt Shed

Get down there and mEAT them.