This year we launched our all new inKERBator scheme at KERB Kings Cross. Every three months, we invite nine freshly-hatched traders to come and trade with us on our home patch and nurture them into becoming fully fledged KERBanists .


1. Taco Dave
David Sabbarton threw himself into the taco trade back in 2015 after falling in love with a freshly picked avocado at a wedding in Mexico as well as sampling “the best food he ever ate” at Hartwood Tulum.

Signature dish:  Dr. Pepper beef brisket and Old Spot pork pibil tacos.

Trivia: Dave is a  decadent free-style wrestler and practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu when he’s not making tacos.


2. Sheng High

Felix left his finance job in Hong Kong  to plunge into the art of dumplings – working for a local wonton shop in Sheng High, then moving to London  for professional training at Yauatcha and Hakkasan, back to China for dumpling research then BACK over to UK to start his own thing in October 2016.

Signature dish: Hot chewy ginger chicken-broth shengjian bao. ‘Chinese comfort food’ at it’s best.

Trivia: Felix loves karaoke and once entered the Chinese XFactor. Who’d have known.


3. The Piadina Project

Jack packs his heart and roots into these piadinas; the burrata imported from South West Italy; spuds from his Grandad’s garden; sausage patties from his Lincolnshire farm and cured meats from Cobble Lane Cured, so don’t let the flatness play down the filling!

Signature dish: Those fluffy cheesy paprika panko-crumbed croquettes

Trivia: Jack’s Italian Grandfather, Gianni, got him hooked on piadinas as a child and Jack brings a photo of him wherever he trades for luck.


4. Smokin’ Lotus

BBQ-ing since the age of six, meats and spice is Rosie’s thing. She fed us at KERB Club back in November last year and stole our hearts with her slow cooked ribs.

Signature dish: 8hr slow smoked char siu pork ribs with Japanese potato salad

Trivia: The concept for Smokin’ Lotus came from  experimenting on the backyard-BBQ with with her dad as a child.


5. Greedy Khao 

Using her grandmother’s traditional recipes and her own deep knowledge of Thai flavours, Faai and (Irish) Lee wanted to bring more nuanced, balanced Thai food to the street.

Signature dish: Thai red curry-bursting tofu pillows (with a crispy egg omelette on the side)

Trivia: Faai‘s grandfather is a retired Supreme Commander of the Royal Thai Armed Forces, and was the one who suggested they put the ‘kai jeaw’ (crispy omelette) on the menu.


6. Devi’s

Indo-Persian, plant-powered fusion. Tanya Gohil learnt how to work her magic “just being surrounded by my family and watching what they do”.

Signature dish:
The Pav bhaji naan ‘pizza’

Trivia: Tanya Gohil first set up her stall in 2015 to raise £20,000 for a girls’ school in Rajasthan, and continues to support  female empowerment projects across London.


7. Toshka

Queen of the ‘potato hash’ pans, Anna Korenkova stole our heart when she brought her sweet potato cinnamon dal and roasted hasselback picnic into the office back in Nov 2016.

Signature dish: The Naughty Piglet

Trivia: Anna lives with KERBanist Vicky’s Donuts!


8. Cyprus Kitchen

Stuffing everything good about Cyprus into a pitta. If it fits – load it in.

Signature dish: The slow-roast lamb kleftiko with halloumi and all the salads.

Trivia: Nick has his own ‘how to’ Youtube series! Watch it here.