Early this month, our second batch of inKERBators hit the kerb. (While the first lot graduated out into our lunch markets). 

If you haven’t had the chance to visit them yet down at KERB KX


1. Biff’s Jack Shack

Biff launched his ‘#filthyAF‘ vegan junk food idea after coming to our #KERBWorkshop back in Feb. He was a big meat eater up till Jan 2017, but  now serves deep fried jackfruit wings + burgers with his girlfriend every Thursday down at KERB KX. Look out for ‘Samuel Hell Jackson’ and ‘Father Jack’ stickered tubs.

Signature dish:  Deep fried jackfruit ‘buffalo wings’, speared on sugar cane and drizzled with blue cheese + chipotle ‘bacon’ jam dip (above)

Trivia: Biff worked in MacDonalds during his student days, which probably explains his obsession with burgers.


2. Wei Wei’s Wheelcakes

CJ and JC decided to set up a street food business because CJ’s boyfriend, ‘Wei Wei’ (and JC’s brother) missed his Taiwanese wheel cakes from back home! Hence the name. They trade in Oxford and Brick Lane at the weekends and every Wednesday lunchtimes on the kerb.

Signature dish:  hot chocolate and custard filled  wheel cakes

Trivia: Wei Wei has an Oxford PHD in Chemistry. Can you tell.


3. Da ja chicken

We invited Lani to come and trade with us at our Bucket List fried chicken festival back in April and couldn’t say bye to her crunchy gluten free encrusted noshes after.

Signature dish:  Gochjuang glazed spice fried chicken boneless noshes with Asian slaw

Trivia: Originally from Sydney, Lani used to be a footwear designer when she first moved to the UK 5 years ago. After deciding her heart wasn’t in it, she went to travel Asia for 2 months, which inspired her to set up a fried chicken dream on return.


4. Wandercrust  

Local pub friends Gav and Mike set up Wandercrust a few years back. In Dec 2015 Gav happened across a pizza van (that used to be a horse box) while searching online for a camper van. Curiosity got the better of him so he sent a link to Mike and it went from there.

Signature dish: The ‘American Psycho’: Margherita pizza topped with ventricina salami, roquito peppers and moon chilli honey

Trivia: Michael and Gavin’s other halves have an alternative Twitter account called Pizza Widows; “as they often feel like they’ve lost us to the wood-fired world of pizza trucks”

5. Salt Shed

Lawrence and Francis bonded at uni because they both missed the salt beef Brick Lane bagels from back home.

Signature dish: Two week cured honey mustard salt beef, served on mixed sweet potato, carrot and potato fries with chimichurri and pickles.

Trivia: Fresh out of uni, Lawrence and Francis only set up Salt Shed 8 weeks ago!

6. Cally Munchy

Afro fusion street food. Taking its influences from different cultures in Africa and fusing it with other cultures around the world in a creative way

Signature dish: Coconut Safari with Bangoli Chicken served with Hawaiian sweetcorn and Shi-Tuan chilli sauce on the side

Trivia: Ebenezer & Alamo still like to eat food with their hands because it feels more authentic and true to the culture. plus it taste better.


7. Yaay Yaay

A proper family run Thai food business run by two sisters, Paula & Wa, and the in-law, Gotti. ‘Yaay Yaay’ means Grandma in Thai, and their recipes are all Grandma inspired with a modern twist.

Signature dish: Ka Prow Chicken basil with fine bean and sweet pepper, served with runny egg and Riceberry rice.

Trivia: Yaay Yaay actually started in Bangkok, Thailand, selling traditional Thai pastry which is run by Paula’s mum.


8. Elote

After being a running joke with his friends that he was obsessed with street corn… Alex finally took the plunge and set up Elote this year.

Signature dish: elote de calljeros & fish tacos marinated in achiote

Trivia: Alex was the head chef at Caravan KX up until the end of last year