This year we launched our ‘InKERBator programme‘: every 3 months, we scout out brand new street food talent, invite them on board to trade with us at ‘inKERBator Tuesdays’ down at KERB on the Quay, mentor, then graduate them out across ALL our 6 markets (and events). Since March, we’ve graduated TWO batches, and as of Tuesday 5 September our next lot hit the kerb. Line up revealed below…


1. Eat Chay

You might recognise these guys from our Livin On The Veg street food battle in August. Liz and Joe are NON VEGANS, whipping up VEGAN Vietnamese fusion on the streets. (They also have a Bruce Wayne The Boss famous instagram-cat… take a look here).

Signature dish:  BBQ Seitan walnut pate banh mi baguette (vegan)

Trivia: Both Liz and Joe’s parents had worked in street food back in Vietnam and Hong Kong in their youth. They then did everything they could to give their kids a better future and get them off the streets. But look where the kids are now – cooking up their hometowns’ dishes on the STREETS of London, and loving every second of it!

2. Kaki Lima

Two Indonesian sisters, cooking up Indonesian food in London. 

Signature dish: Soto ayam, an 8-hour aromatic chicken broth served over rice noodles, shredded chicken, beansprouts, tofu puffs, boiled egg, herbs and lots of crispy bits 

Trivia: Maya spelt backwards means ‘chicken’ in Indonesian. Kristy spelt backwards doesn’t mean anything, as far as we know.

3. Growlers (yes, that’s their name!)

Charlie and Lara  met bonding over their love of Portuguese ‘pregos’ – so much more than just a meat sandwich. When they came in for an office tasting we couldn’t shake the deliciousness of that fermented chilli ginger butter for quite a while after.

Signature dish:  The chilli cheese bavette steak, with cream cheese and fermented chilli ginger sauce.

Trivia: Go on, it’s what you’re all wanting to know – why call it growlers? Because street food is ALL about eating like an animal. Charlie and Lara both grew up on farms and know it’s not about being pretty when you eat. (BOB Lobster’s founder also gave them the heads up that that would make a GREAT, ming-sticking name).

4. Lords of Poke

Ex chef and ex brand agent who thought it was high time a build-your-own poke bowl stall came to London’s streets.

Signature dish: pistachio tempeh tuna with ginger miso soy

Trivia: This is ‘Californian’ inspired Hawaiian poke, which Tom fell in love with on his travels

5. Gyoza Guys

Two childhood friends obsessed with dumplings, Kien and Amir decided it was time to do their own thing.

Signature dish: prawn, shrimp & crab gyozas

Trivia: Kien was a top professional break dancer, and dance for some well know artists around the globe. Amir is a professionally trained chef of 16 years and spent many years at Michelin star level around the globe

6. Indian Street Kitchen



Breakout talent that we discovered at this year’s KERB does Alchemy! Sid and his wife Suj dish up delicate but powerful Indian fusions that you won’t find any where else on the streets. 

Signature dish: That wasabi mayo crushed jalapeno pulled lamb raan burger in soft potato bap with parsnip crisps.

Trivia: Sid left his career in banking to start their dream venture with his wife Suj. Using their experiences from years of travelling coupled with their love of Indian and world street cuisine, inspired them into producing Indian fusion street dishes that they serve from their beloved vintage 1972 Commer Food Truck – Peggy

7. Shoal

Shoal is pretty much a one woman affair. (GIRL POWER). Everything is made in house to secret recipes and all the seafood comes from responsible suppliers sustainably. Before “all this cooking malarkey” Ashley used to blow glass in Australia and got a 1st in architectural glass.

Signature dish: Baja fish taco

Trivia: Along side Shoal Food Ashley has another food venture called ‘Gathered‘. It’s a community project with a focus on wild edible produce (Instagram coming soon)…

8.  Baggio Burger

Nino’s love for food comes from his visits to see his family in Napoli and Amalfi as a child (and eat all the home-cooked treats from his Nonno’s land).

Signature dish: ‘The Classic Roberto’: garlic & balsamic chuck steak patty with nelted mozzarella, tomato relish and crispy Parma ham.

Trivia: Nino would love to open a branch of Baggio Burger in Amalfi, Italy. “It’s a place I dream of living in the future.”

Meet the fleet who just graduated before this lot HERE. And look out for then trading across ALL our kerbs.