Hold onto your taste buds!

We’ve got some exciting news to dish out as our latest bunch of InKERBator traders have graduated and are getting ready to accelerate their businesses across KERB and beyond.

After 3 weeks in the classroom at KERB HQ and six weeks slinging out their delicious dishes at KERB at Cowcross Yards they’re ready to (yet again) level up as they get ready to spice up KERB at the Gherkin, KERB+ London Bridge City and nationwide events with KERB Events.

Here are the eight new traders hitting the KERB, keep your eyes peeled:


Deeg is a street food gem, housed in a hand-painted horse-box trailer. Mina, a Cordon-Bleu trained chef and founder of Deeg, brings the vibrant flavours of Iran (with a modern twist) right to our markets.
Hero dish: Walnut stew with crispy baked saffron rice

Hank BBQ:

Ex-city worker Tom of Hank left his 9-5 to follow his smokey meaty dreams. Tom took up a spot in the kitchens of Hawksmoor and SmokeStak learning from the best, before polishing up on all things lamination, butter and flour at the famous Dusty Knuckle bakery.
Hero Dish: BBQ pork belly rib bun

Chicken Bandits:

Introducing the fried chicken maestro himself, Sean. With an unparalleled passion for all things crispy and flavourful, Sean has honed his craft alongside some of the finest chicken connoisseurs. With sides that pack a punch and a whole lotta soul, Chicken Bandits is about to give your lunch more attitude than ever before.
Hero dish: The bandit burger


In a twist of ‘fate’ we stumbled upon Omran and Faté at the Food Power party. Each dish tells a story, blending tastes from his refugee background with a touch of creativity and banging flavour. Omran brings raw talent and heaps of fresh flavour all topped with a sprinkling of pomegranate.
Hero dish: Chicken faté bowl


Indulgence and style are the essence of Italy and Sugo82 is dishing it up in abundance. It’s a family affair, with partners Stefano and Julia dishing up fresh pasta and moreish sauce (always)! They’ve got Southern Italian snacks for the ‘light-lunchers’ and to-die-for, slow-cooked ragus for the rest of us.
Hero dish: N’Duja Arancini

Thin and Crispy:

Get ready to meet the dynamic duo that is Krispin and Mem, partners in crime and culinary masterminds. Krispin, a seasoned ex-chef, and Mem, a Turkish restaurant protégé, have joined forces to bring lahmacun to KERB. They’re serving up toasted flatbreads, slathered with moreish meat toppings. Thin, crispy and DELICIOUS.
Hero dish: Classic Lamb Lahmacun


Birria tacos, yes please! Erika and Cesar are the Mexican duo behind Mexclub, who started slinging out churros and Mexican snacks before the irresistible allure of tacos took hold.
Turning lunchtime into a fiesta, their passion is infectious and they’ve got something for everyone.
Hero dish: Slow-cooked Birria tacos

Andhra Rachuluu:

Vara and Mohana’s dedication to the world of street food has immersed them in the setups of some of KERB’s most iconic traders. Honing their skills, knowledge and tastebuds, they’re ready to make a mark. Indian flavours brings heat and excitement to the KERB with spicy Hyderabad biryanis and snacks.
Hero dish: Chicken Biryani

You can catch the newest inKERBator graduates on the KERB and if you’ve not already trotted on down to dig in… what are you waiting for?

Our inKERBator programme runs four times a year and we pick the freshest street food talent to join us as we help to coach and incubate their small businesses with the help of our KERB+ experts. Think you’ve got what it takes to make it on the KERB?
Apply for the inKERBator HERE