Rodigan electrifying under the rays on Reggae Roast stage, everyone jumping, after sitting balmy on the hay barrels high on saltfish Bokit’La bokits, sweet sugar cane juice and jerk chicken, swirling in beautiful colours and #KERBFashion to Mim Suleiman’s soothing soul in the Wormfood! arena before sunset, kids slinging bean bags in the (everybody’s favourite) #KERBCornhole, getting involved with Bad Karma Impala car drawing in the Peckham Levels tent, sharing stories, and the KERB team together with founder, Petra Barran who came back from New Orlean’s to see it all happen.

Thank you to our stage hosts, artists, street food traders and most importantly ALL OF YOU GUYS FOR COMING TO ENJOY JAM ON RYE – our first big music festival on Peckham Rye. 28 May 2018.

> JAM ON RYE 2019 <