Jam on Rye Festival 2019! If you missed it, see what happened when we rolled in 25 KERBanists, Kelis, a kids dome and South London talent onto Peckham Rye for Bank Holiday Monday.

Lights going low.

Entering Peckham Rye ready for a day full of hay barrels and magic.

The Flygerian sisters, Jess and Jo (inKERBator Batch No.7) looking beautiful amongst the greenery…

And their Grandma’s recipe suya spice chicken with cassava and hot sauce.

KERB Alumni, Bleecker Burger – double cheeser burger classic.

Sam Mason, serving up ‘Ouch, Raspberry in My Ryes’ and Cactus Crushes in KERB Bar reusable cups!


Best KERB Fashion at Jam on Rye ( / ever?)

Blade skills from KERB guru, Angus Denoon

Outdone by Cane Press London hacking the coconuts?

Biceps and bokits – stuffed with saltfish and Guadeloupean hot sauce 🔥

Getting a bit carried away in the haystacks!

Kelis x Only Jerkin’ collaboration. Luke & Jess teamed up with Chef Kelis using her Bounty & Full sauces before she headlined. Outcome:

Pineapple saffron boneless chicken and habanero saltfish fritters.

Went down well.


Glistening Taiwanese egg Dhan Waffles hot and ready for decor – salted caramel, custard, Nutella and matcha on top.

Shellybelly’s stirring up the curried coat. And that’s not all that’s brewing – Tania’s having her first baby next month!

Greentea Peng.

More KERB Fashion – Shingai, those Miami palette flares 😮


Barney Artist.


Jazzie B.



Photography by Jake Davis, Kris Humphreys and Rob Jones for Khroma Collective.