MASSIVE THANK YOU TO our intrepid reporter and podcast aficionado, Robin Leeburn (of Luardos) coming in and spinning this material into great content – here’s to more.

Over six episodes the inaugural KERB Life series tells the tale of entrepreneurialism, finding meaning in a rapidly changing London and food as the most incredible axis around which so many cultures and ideas are formed. From KERB’s roots to who we work with, where can successful street food traders go from here and that burning question: what makes the perfect street food dish.

This sonic feast that brings together ALL THE TALENT and hard work that goes into making the London street food scene about so much more than just a bit of meat in a bun.

Created by KERBanist LuardosRobin Leeburn, (below) and produced by KERB founder Petra Barran, we wanted to tell these stories to the increasing number of podcast listeners out there in the world. More layers, more characters, more intrigue – we have so much material, and hope you enjoy listening to them as much as we enjoyed making them. So please do download!

Episode menu and summary below:

#1: The Startup Story

This is the story of KERB and their mission to make London taste better.

KERB exists to agglomerate street food talent, bring deliciousness to the streets and make London taste better. In episode 1 you will meet KERB founder Petra Barran and hear the story of how it all started as a rabble of traders wanting to make something happen. You will also meet some of the industry’s biggest legends, listen to their personal journeys into the world of street food and understand the importance of street food as a leveller and connector in an increasingly busy and built-up city.

#2: The Bucket List

Traders size up the Golden Cock trophy at KERB’s first competitive event.

Cajun style, southern fried, twice brined, jerk seasoned; there’s a host of traditional ways to serve fried chicken worldwide and KERB’s traders are still reinventing it. The crackle of the fryer is enough to start a queue of hungry Londoners who can’t get enough of the dish, which is why more than 2,000 people flocked to the Bucket List event at the West Handyside Canopy, King’s Cross – a two day fried chicken festival where 8 London street food traders went to battle, frying their hearts out in a bid to win the KERB Golden Cock.

#3: The Social Bottom Line

Meet the people creating opportunities for young people through street food.

There’s a way of life at KERB and a shared desire to be part of something positive. People and planet, as well as profit, are part of the triple bottom line. In episode 3 you will hear how  KERB’s curated crew of talented street food traders have more in common than just the food and are creating job opportunities for disadvantaged young people

#4: The Perfect Dish

The science and Soduko of that magic dish, by the experts.

In episode 4 Robin Leeburn, podcast creator, is set out to find the best street food on the streets of London by grilling top traders and big name food bloggers on what matters most. Take a deep dive into the pots and pans of London’s food trucks and market stalls to find out what makes them so damn tasty. Hear how the top street food traders are making it work in one of the world’s most competitive trading environments.

#5: The Regeneration Game

Regeneration, tactical urbanism and food as place-maker.

In episode 5 Robin weaves through the streets of Hackney Wick, east London, talking to people who have watched the neighbourhood change beyond recognition, discovering how the London 2012 Olympic Games helped to transform the area, thanks to a massive injection of more than £9 billion, followed by an even bigger private investment. The toxic soil and polluted canals were cleaned and mammoth new developments sprung up, including Westfield, one of the largest urban shopping malls in Europe, 5 world-class sports venues, and an entirely new village.

#6: The Restaurant Dream

…and is getting a restaurant the best next step? Traders at all stages consider the options and dilemmas of growing while staying independent.

For some street food traders, opening their own restaurant is the dream. But is this what it means to ‘grow up’ in the food business? Is it the only way up? In the final episode of this series, Robin Leeburn hunts down a few of the rockstars to find out why they made the choices they did and leaves us with an exploration of how Londoners lust after the new, trending street food traders, why we can’t get enough of each other and where do we go together after those first few rough and ready years on the street.