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KERB Workshop: March 2019
When: 24 MARCH 2019
Where: White Rabbit, Shoreditch, EC2A 3HJ
Time: 10am - 6pm

Spring is here! And with it your second opportunity (before Peak Street Food Season kicks in) to learn how to break into this ever-growing, competitive industry.


The KERB Workshop is a full immersion day, guiding you through the many things you need to know before you take the jump into this industry. Our latest edition of this popular and impactful one-dayer brings together powerful insight from industry professionals who have been there and know better than anyone how tough it really is.

Of course, the food we lay on throughout the day from our KERBanists will be part of the experience – with lunch from Jamon Jamon and refreshments from Square Root and Vicky’s Donuts. Any questions please email workshop@kerbfood.com.


Lee Johnson, BBQ Dreamz – First time trading to ‘street food stardom‘: the reality
Grant Wallis (Our Design Agency)Branding and designing a menu people will flock to
Theo Lee-Houston, KERBSecrets on how to get a pitch
Rob Machin, KERBMoney matters: Getting your costing right
Nick Friedman, Jamon JamonReady steady cook: how to set up your stall for success –  and master health and safety
Farshad Kazemian, The Ethical ButcherSourcing ethical meat and the importance of sustainability
Maya and Kristy, Kaki LimaThe inKERBator journey


“If I hadn’t been to a KERB workshop in 2015, Club Mexicana wouldn’t exist! The practical, business and strategic advice I got on the day, from seasoned traders and key KERB partners was invaluable and set me up on my street food journey! It gave me a real head start in the tough world of street food and set me up with some incredible and long lasting relationships with people who still help me now!”

Meriel ArmitageClub Mexicana 

“If I had to describe the KERB workshop in one word: Inspirational. To meet the best in the industry with a real-life understanding of the intricacies of street food is invaluable. From the highs of summer and lows of the cold hard winters, not only will you develop a deeper connection with food but with fellow traders (at every level) who are more than just people but a community who supports each other”

Lani Lam – da ja street food

“When I turned up for the KERB workshop all I had was an idea. When I left, I had a plan. I genuinely believed I could do it. I was so inspired by the speakers to go out and make my plan a reality that I left my job a week later, and was trading within 3 months. And within 6 months of that, I was the speaker at a KERB Workshop”

Biff Burrows – Biff’s Jack Shack