Meet Uncle Jimmy: the Singapore street food vendor who gives away 1000 free ice creams on his birthday every year. 

On weekdays he drives his motorcycle to the same spot he’s been working at for the past 15 years, sets up his stall and waits for customers to trickle in.  Last week he hit 72 years old and the queues were bigger than they’ve ever been – 5pm sell out, and when they did he told the customers to come back tomorrow to get one for free.

A loss?  Not to Mr Teng:

“I don’t think of it that way. As long as people are happy, that’s OK. Everyone in Singapore is so stressed. I thought to myself, life is short. Now that I have the chance, I might as well give ice cream to people to make them happy”

‘Ice cream uncles’ (elderly Singaporean men selling ice cream) used to be a common sight in Singapore. Sadly now they’re wearing thin. It would be lovely to see more stuff like this on London’s streets.

Maybe we should bring Jimmy over here like we did Hawker Chan…

The ex business man has more thank 7k followers on Facebook (his students helped him set up his page), follow Uncle Jimmy here.