Last Monday we took our traders to Bailey Hill Farm in Amersham to learn about sustainable farming with start-up, The Ethical Butcher (who we met in December when Stakehaus served their pasture-fed beef at KERB Gherkin):

The Ethical Butcher are crowdfunding to bring their low-emission / high-quality meat to households across the UK via next day delivery, and educate people about pasture led farming – which is better for the planet (and healthier to eat!)

Enter: Bailey Hill Farm and a beautiful ‘Red Devon’

Ethical Butcher founder, Farshard Kazemian (who’ll be speaking at the KERB Workshop on 25 March). He wants to do more farm tours teaching people about Native Beef.

Butchery demonstration from this 50 years-at-it pro, teaching our traders where to get the best cuts; “use ‘neck cuts’ for burgers (it’s cheaper, tastier, and less wasteful) and don’t always resort to ‘fashionable’ cuts like chuck and feather steaks”.

…Cally Munchy took some home to test-mix their Suya spices with.

KERB ladies, Lucy Mee from Bill Or Beak and Lily Bovey from Stakehaus enjoying the country air. Thank you for having us Bailey Hill 🙂


The Ethical Butcher are 90% there to achieving it – back them!