We asked all of KERBanists, (old and new), what their favourite restaurants were and put them on a Google map. That’s over 70 restaurant recommendations for you, from people at the top of the food chain, who aren’t going to spin out anything weak.

So, when you’re fumbling around for a last minute hot spot in London – BOOKMARK THIS. 

(Explore the map here)


1. Silk road(Allihopa, Bleecker Burger, Kimchinary, Lion City Kitchen)

2. Hawksmoor – (House of Dodo, Luardos, The Bowler)

3. The Good Egg – (Hanoi Kitchen, Nonna’s Gelato, Oli Baba’s)

4. Dishoom(Nazari, You Doughnut, The Roadery)

5. Hoppers (Lion City Kitchen, Mother Clucker)

6. Tayyabs(Oli Baba’s, The Patate)

7. On the Bab –  (Makatcha, Oh My Dog)

8.  Black Axe Mangal (Other Side Fried, Decatur)

9. Bao– (Lion City Kitchen, Pochi)

10. Shuang Shuang(Kooky Bakes, Square Root)