As we expand we never forget what underpins it all: our traders. InKERBating, accelerating, bringing in the new blood and pumping it into our ecosystem means all of this flavour can continue to flood out. One of the first steps towards the kerb is our full-immersion workshop, helping anyone looking to start a food business hatch their idea. If you missed the most recent one, here are the recordings from 5 of our speakers.

1. One of our most seasoned traders, Maria Knowles from Makatcha on how to cater festivals like a boss

Serving street food at over 25 festivals and managing 75 staff across them this year. How does Maria do it? Listen 👇

2. Vicky’s Donuts on social media and branding

…and the time Britney Spears posted about her D’s.

Lunch & learn with Smoke & Bones, Meriam

‘How to set up your gazebo’ – with help from Shivani in the audience who’s work-shadowing Meriam at the moment- the best way to learn! Want to work with one of our traders? Let us hook you up here. 

Signature smoked brisket

Some of the workshop attendees and their business ideas:

Miyuki already works with Pochi at our lunch markets but wants to start her own Japanese food business doing healthy bento boxes.

Introducing: Your Mum’s Truck. Three boys from London who’ve been friends since they were 15, are inspired by their mum’s cooking  and want to to bring it to the streets. The workshop helped them take the leap and they had their first pitch this week! 

The next Vicky’s Donuts – Lungi from Treats Club London who’s starting a donut pop-up at Old Street station in August but getting as much advice in before she does it.

3. InKERBator Batch No.7 graduate, Swati Kandala from Curry on Naan Stop

How the inKERBator journey helped prepare her to open her first fixed site in Market Halls Lakeside.


Swung by with a van packed full of puri to dish out with her son after her talk.

4. KERB’s Robert Machin on financing your business

Get an accountant! 


‘Street food speed dating’:

One room, 40 minds, ready to take their street food business ideas to the next level – before they do; bump brains together and find out what everybody else is up to. Here’s what happened. 

Above: Irene from Katsu Wraps and Cheesecakery Co. scoring each other.

5. Joel Bowen from Oh My Dogs 

How he went from buying our first gazebo on Argos to opening our first permanent site.


KERB Workshop attendees – group shot:

Look out to see if anyone makes it onto InKERBator Batch No.9 starting on 5 August – (Heads up: Hop and Roll, Treats Club London and Katsu Wraps might be in there!)

Next Workshop: October 2019. Book your tickets, or head to the KERB vault for online resources to help you start your street food business.