Thank you everyone who came to the first KERB Workshop of 2017! And to our speakers  for sharing their street food stories. Here’s some nuggets from the day.

Ross Curnow, Mother Clucker

“Don’t grumble”

Guy Jackson, Poke

Brand: “keep it so good, so simple”

Meriel Armitage, Club Mexicana

“You are your own niche audience. You are the person that wants your food. You can’t be all things to all people; stick to your guns”.

Petra Barran, KERB

“Make people believe you’re on their side. And work that queue”

Angus Denoon, The Everybody Love Love Jhal Muri Express

“Your customers are sensation seekers, craving something that takes them back to themselves. It’s a jungle; lure them in. The ballet of the hands, the natural laws of attraction. There is great simplicity in a beautiful experience. Find one good thing that works and let the magic happen”

For full scale street food KERBoulders… join us at the next one on 6 May 2017!

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