In October, KERB HQ celebrated Black History Month in the way we know how – through food! The theme of this year’s BHM was “Celebrating Our Sisters”, highlighting the pivotal role that Black women have played in the fight for social justice. So we invited two of our own, Coretta and Caydie, to take to the stage/kitchen at KERB HQ and cook off!

Celebrating their love for the rich and diverse culinary traditions of their cultures, Coretta represented Ghana while Caydie represented Jamaica.

Black History Month


Caydie’s Jamaican rice and peas, curry goat, coleslaw, plantain.

Coretta’s jollof rice, beef stew, Ghana salad, plantain.

The competition was hot, with the two battling over kitchen equipment, but agreeing on how to pronounce plantain (more on that here). But they did more than just cook. Coretta and Caydie shared the stories behind their menus, their deep love for food, and the massive roles their families and communities have played in influenced their kitchen styles.

Got time for a giggle and a lil bite of culinary learning? Watch the full episode of KERB’s Cook Off here.

Once the dishes were ready, the KERB team assembled and got stuck in. A reminder that food transcends all borders and brings people together. Thank you, Black History Month, for bringing us together over our shared KERB love language, food.