Here’s the lowdown on our 6th birthday knees-up!  In case you missed #KERBSHOUSEPARTY last Friday, drink in the highlights from the big one below. An incredible spread of food was served by our traders, who pulled  out all the stops (as always) with dazzling one-off creations, featuring: fried chicken cheesy wheel cakes, smoked lobster sui mai dumplings and vindaloo jackfruit wings, together with the House Hip-Hop Band, comfy sofas and a secret KERB bar (Petra’s Kitchen’) to wash it down with.

[photos by @hungryvisuals]

Kicking off with a Growlers birthday gifting of confit fried chicken wings.

Someone’s excited to eat them. And these:

Steamed lobster sui mai dumplings – KERBlaboration by
Smokin’ Lotus X BBQ Dreamz aka ‘Smokin Dreamz’.

Plucking them out from the giant dumpling steamer

Taco time. We love those
#KERBFashion Miami palette locks from DoDo Poteato.

Lime squeezing the legendary shrimp tacos from
Luardos (who’ve been in the street food game for 11 years)…

Up front: the guy behind our
KERB Life podcast! Robin Leeburn.

Second KERBlaboration: Spicebox X Biff’s Jackshack’s vindaloo, sugar cane-speared, jackfruit wings.

Team ‘SpiceShack’

Tucking in.

Fried chicken cheesy wheelcakes! By
daja street food and Wheelcake Island.

KERB stamped, backdropped by their beautiful ‘Chicken on Wheels’ logo made especially for #KERBSHOUSEPARTY.

Spicy Margaritas inside Petra’s Kitchen  ?

The House Hip-Hop Band – this guy was brilliant.

Over to the
Club Mex burger bar (this guy couldn’t believe there was no meat in it).

Too full to move, getting comfy on the sofas with a pint. Shouldn’t have had those free vegan doughnuts on the way in…

Doughnut wall by
Dreamin’ Dough. Above: founder Betsy and her baby.

Ending on late night Indian-Spanish tapas by
KERB Alumni legends, Donostia and Baba G’s:

“The Old Blokes, Paul and Al’.

(KERB Team at the photobooth – cheers!)

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