We love football here at KERB HQ and every Monday have a KERB Squad (KFC!) take part in Serie F&B –  London’s 5 a side food & beverage league with Meatliquor, Honest Burgers, Chick ‘n’ Sours,  Karma Cola, Pidgin, Tonkotsu and ULG.

That time we beet Chick ‘n’ Sourz 7-1…

On the left: KERB Camden Market manager Patrick Winstanley aka the Cockrel of Camden

We’re extremely proud of our boys, and DELIGHTED to say that unlike England they’re still in with a chance of lifting the trophy. Next game Monday night, a (close to the) top of the table clash against ULG – Urban Leisure Group – come on you can do this!

You also might’ve heard, KERB have got a FRIED CHICKEN BATTLE coming up NEXT FRIDAY. And to celebrate this, KFC have put together team of players that sound like chicken …



** We ran a competition (to win tickets to #KERBsBucketList) asking for your help to name the subs and WHAT a great response we got **


1 Yuto Nugget-omo (fen ben on Instagram)
2 Axel Chicken Schnitzel (clare bridgeman on Instagram)
3 David Bread’em (@justjohnphoto on Twitter)

Here’s the list: 

FRYnel Breast-i, Poulet Pogba, Thierry Hen-ry, Rueben Lotsa Chick! Gianluigi Buffalo, Janu-thigh, Eric Fryer, Gianluigi Buffalo, Ross Beakley, Danny Wellpeck / Pollo Dybala / Thibaut Couptoi, Toni Krooster, Yolko Ono, Fryin’ Robson, Franck Rib-eye-ry, Christian Benteke Fried Chicken, Coq-au-vin, thighbaut caourtois, Crispiano Ronalgoujon and Ra-hen Stirwing, Otahendi!, Fernandinho = Fer-Nando-nho, Yuto Nagatomo = Yuto Nugget-omo, Gareth South-ern-fried-chicken-gate, Axel Chicken Schnitzel, Enzo Peri-ez, Thigh-ago Silva, Josip Drumstick, Sam Morley’s, Hamdi Nuggets, Crispyan Erikson, Harry ChiKane, Francis Coq-au-vin and Yohan Kebab, Terryaki Chicken, Moussala Chicken, Chicken Dele, Chick Pope, Kentucky Harry Chickane Terryaki Chicken, Moussala Chicken, Chicken Dele, Chick Pope, Kentucky Harry Chickane, Loftus-Chick, FerNandos Torres, Heung Wing Son, Harry Wingks, David Peck-ham, Robbie Broody, Crispyhen Eriksen, Mark Cluckenberg to ref?, David Peckham, Jerk Wilshere, Robbie Fowler (hard work) , Chick Fil- A-ni, Chickian Mbapp, Paul Chickov (Paul dickov) – Peter Chick (petr cech), Francis Coquelin, Cristiano RoNando, Jordan HENderson, Crispiano Ronaldo, Clucka Modric, Marouane Fowllaini, Eric Fryer! Ruben Loftus-Beak, Egginson Cavani, Mario Mandzdrumstick, Gylfi Sigbirdson, Danny Welbeak, Harry Chickan, Danny Welbegg? Ruben Loftus-Chick, Zlathen Ibrahimović, Danijel Subastrips, Goujon Stones, Andres Inibreasta, Sergio Craguero and Jerome Coateng, Petr Chick, Pelé Pelé Chicken , David Bread’em, Lee Chixon, Bastian Schnitzelsteige, Thighago Alcantara, Coq-au-Vincent Kompany, Robbie Fowler, Breaded Hazard , Clucker or Cluuucka Modric, Poussin Dembele, Robbie Fowler, Fryin’ Robson, Kentucky fried chiKane

KERB’s Bucket List tickets here .