Meet: Prince of Peckham

Meet Clement: the founder of Prince of Peckham who’ll be hosting our JAM ON RYE after party at his pub this coming Bank Holiday Monday.   We grabbed him for a few questions ahead of Jam on Rye. See below and look out for him on the night! 

Story behind how and why you set up Prince of Peckham?

My favourite TV show growing up was Desmond’s. Prince of Peckham is my interpretation of that barbershop. A home from home, a space for all that is a true representation of the community where people from all corners of Peckham were able to rock up, pull up a pew and chill. Whether they were there to cut hair or not, everyone was welcome. One of the characters, Lee ‘The Peckham Prince’ Stanley is my favourite. A straight cockney lad able to switch to Jamaican patois on a six pence. That’s where the name Prince of Peckham came from.

Favourite restaurant in London
Too many to mention. FM Mangal in Camberwell is pretty lit! – Those breads.

Which KERBanist are you most excited to try at JAM ON RYE?

Favourite song?
Lionel Richie All night long

What does reggae mean to you?
Reggae, like 
afrobeats, I feel is the essence. It’s the voice of an oppressed generation, and now speaks for so many people around the world.

Who are you most looking forward to performing at JAM ON RYE?
Rodigan of course 

Favourite spot in Peckham?
I have a couple. Kudu, Meet District and The Victoria

Fun fact
I won a silver medal in triple jump when I was 11.