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Meet: inXsaniXty

Meet Sani: visual artist and founder of InXSanixty who’ll be curating a live art workshop on the Peckham Levels stage at JAM ON RYE this Bank Holiday Monday.  We went to meet him at his “office” in Peckham Levels, asked him a some JAM ON RYE related questions ahead of the festival and got to see some of his amazing artwork… interview below.

Story behind how and why you started InxSanixty?

So I started INxSANIxTY art out of frustration but also love for the art at the time roughly 3 years ago I had started sending my art works to gallery who would then reply we love your work but our collectors don’t know you or they might say we love your work but it’s so different we can’t get other artist with similar work so we can’t justify a group exhibition. So I decided to not just be an artist but be a gallery and started setting INxSANIxTY art exhibitions

What is your art about?

I like to think of my art as a mirror, a question mark or a gateway into knowledge I also believe art should be feelings over look because that is what creates the sentimental value to the buyer which could even be hire than what I set as the actual value. The interesting thing is I don’t set out to paint anything in particular and never know what I am painting till Its finish. Meaning I mostly paint from my head with no reference this allows me to let the world consume me and I pour it all out on a canvas

What are you bringing to JAM ON RYE? 

I will be creating 2 paintings live but not only do the public get to watch me work they also get to take part in some painting .

Favourite restaurant?

Got too many so just going to go with something random like zionly manna vegan restaurant (also performing at JOR!) or Chiquito and WildFlower (supporting home base).

Which KERBanist are you most excited to try at JAM ON RYE?
Looking foward to all my Peckham level family but also white men can’t jerk ?


Favourite song

That’s so hard because it really depends on mood but I would say a song call beast of no nation by the great fela kuti it has everything a bit of jazz a bit of soul and afro music with a message.

What does reggae mean to you?

Yes I love reggae for me it’s more than the songs it’s the soul because Rasta got soul and you have to love it

Who are you most looking forward to performing at JAM ON RYE?

My fellow Peckham level members and but ofcause Adam Prescott and David Rodigan. Everyone really even nubiyan twist

Favourite spot in Peckham?
Easy Peckham level

Fun fact
 So can fly a plane (glider) by myself.
I am also the best chess player you know in person
Lastly I am a classical trained musician (drums)